Add storage space to your home by adding shelves. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Using a self-storage unit for your furniture is a good way to keep things safe and out of sight when you don’t want them around your home. You must pack your belongings properly to ensure they will be stored right and safe, so keep that in mind as you prepare. The following tips aim to give you some insight into what you need to do get things done.

Using furniture storage is a quality way to keep your furniture protected over time. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)
Using furniture storage is a quality way to keep your furniture protected over time. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

Choosing your storage facility might be one of the most important choices before a move. It is essential for your chosen storage unit to be air conditioned, as climate control will play a major role in keeping your possessions safe. You must first visit the storage facility for a tour. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the premises, as well as any doors and possible entry points or damage to the building. Without such a visit you will simply never have the necessary information to make your decision. If there are any cases of moisture in the facility, your belongings will be in danger, so keep your eyes open.

Another good thing you might want to have around are plastic sheets, as they can easily act as a buffer against condensation. Lay them on the floor of the storage unit to prevent any humidity rising from the concrete floors. One of the greatest dangers to stored furniture is water damage and moisture, so plan accordingly and do your best to protect them. You can also do that by putting them on wooden pallets, keeping them off the floor while also allowing them to breathe.

Another thing you must do is call your insurance company so you can get a quote. Ask them about a protection policy concerning stored furniture pieces. Storage facilities usually offer partial insurance that rarely if never covering the full cost of any damages.

The key elements to keeping your furniture safe and fresh are packing and preparation, so be serious about it when you need to store anything. For example, many pieces of furniture nowadays are made to be dismantled, whether they are beds, tables or bookcases. Doing so will save you lots of space, allowing you to store more. Clean them up well and then use some wax to protect their finish during their period of storage. Carefully remove all bolts and screws and place them in a bag connected to the piece. Make sure you do something to protect the edges of your pieces, as the last thing you want is bumps and scratches on those. Bubble wrap can be a good choice for that, alongside other, simpler solutions such as quilt.

You can use dresser drawers as boxes during storage, as the extra space can be used to hide a lot of things you could otherwise store in boxes instead. Just remember to place a towel or something else to keep dust from collecting on whatever objects you place there. If you have any original boxes left from furniture, electronics and more – use them. They will provide much better protection than anything else you’ll find out there.

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