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In an urban environment or anywhere around the world where there are homes, office as the like there will always be a need for moving services. This is where the moving and storage companies come in – taking care of what you can’t deal with on your own. This is a great opportunity to make money in a way that helps people, while at the same time providing a personal angle for every client you have as they store their belongings. So you have the resources or you’re planning on obtaining them somehow in the near future and you want to start your very own storage business? You will most likely not know where to start and how to go about this so we will do our best to give you some pointers to get you rolling:

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You need to decide how much you can put into this long before you begin. Beginning everything is not that hard but the price of hiring a large space will be significant and you will need to build the storage units before you get a chance to earn something out of it. This will take some time, most likely months and during that you will have no profits incoming so make a wise business plan and stick by it.
This is something your future London storage facility is expected to provide as part of the business. Depending on the laws and the area where your storage units will be located the amount of the insurance and the type of it may vary so you’ll need to do some research. It is possible for you to provide your own insurance or to allow the renters to pay extra for full coverage.
Install Security
This is very important as without such an option your facility won’t inspire much confidence. Have a security gate in place that allows access only via security code or keycard and hook up a CCTV camera security system that records everything going on around your facility. You will also need security guards to protect the contents of the storage units.
Check the competition
This is very important as the proper location can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your business venture. You have to make sure you are fitting in a niche which allows you to take advantage of the market – locating your storage facility in an area full of multiple competing companies will only sabotage your chance to rise above so do your research and act wisely before you begin construction.
Keep in mind that a lot of the storage space being hired these days can also be used by companies rather than private clients. A lot of them store outdated files and inventories within these storage units so you might consider them as a prime aim for your marketing campaign. Remember to look for employees as soon as possible as you will need proper security as well as office coordination as everything gets going.
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