This essential moving guide can help make the process of moving much easier. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Removal can turn your life upside down, especially if it is not a personal decision but a conjunction of circumstances- for instance if your landlord asks you to vacate the lodgings within a short period, aiming to sell it . If you have to move, take the necessary measures immediately, starting by accepting the shocking news as quickly as possible and then start the preparation. Let this moving guide help you.

  1. Start the preparation once you know you are about to move out

Even if you have couple of months advance notice, it is never too early to start the preparation- make use of the time and search for the most competitive removal company. This is an important first step in the moving guide. Making the reservation once you decide to move out automatically gives you two priorities, which will definitely make contribution to a more hassle-free move: firstly, you will be able to avail of the seasonable prices for the more lucrative tariff and secondly, the firm will guarantee that it will be available just for you exactly in the moment you need them.

This essential moving guide can help make the process of moving much easier. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)
This essential moving guide can help make the process of moving much easier. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

Similarly, it is never too early to begin with the packing, taking up with the clothes from the passed season, home decoration, books, music and all the other items that you don’t use on regular basis. If you pack just several boxes per week, the process will appear peaceful and well- organized, not frantic and chaotic, as it looks when it is happening in the last moment. You can also put in boxes the less used kitchen utensils, like Fondue sets, baking dishes, china sets and other objects which you won’t miss if remain packed  and ready for the move for several months or weeks. If you want to initiate a garage sale of old objects in the yard or if you would like to make a donation, you will have enough time to plan the event carefully.

    2. Be well-organized

The second moving guide tip is to get organized. The removal won’t appear too confusing or complicated if all the needed documents and lists are kept  in order, at a place of your convenience. Arrange all the quotations, lists, descriptions and all other kinds of information in one folder or classifier, in the offing. Whatever surprise occurs during the day of the move, no matter how unexpected it is, having the contacts of the movers, the information about the van, the household inventory lists, receipts and other important documents, one will feel like having the entire control.


Put labels on every box. Besides the standard room notifying “kitchen”, “bedroom”, “attic”, better find time to work out detailed inventories of the content of each box and secure it on the top of the box, so that it could be easily noticed. Thereby it will be way too easier for you when you unpack because you will have the idea which box to open first in order to find your belongings  quickly, without having to rummage through all of them, to find what you are searching for. If you preliminary made a copy of your inventory list you will immediately know if a box is missing what exactly is its content.

   4.Don’t expect it to be perfect

Even the best plans and the strictest organization may arise some complications. The moving men can be late due to traffic jam or sudden pouring rain, hundreds of things may occur, changing your plans, leaving you helpless. So you better don’t become a victim of panic strike and try to hold your breath- not everything is going always according to plan. At least you did what needed to be done and what was dependent on you.


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