Storage boxes are a good way to keep your things organized and to keep your storage space looking clean & neat. (Elena Elisseeva/

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Whether you have a small or a large home, it’s not easy to plan how to use the storage area to your best advantage. The best option is to have a basement or a storeroom, where you can keep all your belonging you don’t use on a daily basis, old furniture, sports equipment, out-of-season clothes and more. However, not every family has enough storage space in their house, so they need to be quite creative. What can you do to save space, yet still store everything you need at home?

Storage boxes are a good way to keep your things organized and to keep your storage space looking clean & neat. (Elena Elisseeva/

When you start looking for that additional storage space at home, it is important to understand that your organizational skills will determine how successful this undertaking is. You first have to tidy up and remove the clutter from the house. By making small changes and rearrangements at home, with some DIY and tools, you can really make a difference.

One of the items that you can benefit from is storage boxes. They are practical and easy to use and if you paint them they will look like lovely furniture on the outside. However, be careful as some items shouldn’t be stored in boxes. Cardboard lets moisture inside which can damage the items. Find an area at home where you can hang a peg board with hooks. You’d be surprised at how much space you could gain from one of these.

Proceed with utilizing the closet space – it’s not easy, but it’s essential. Take everything out, clean the closet and then categorize your clothes and shoes. Buy a hanging storage for accessories and purchase closet components that will help you fit more of your clothes inside – shelves, hooks, baskets, etc. Utilize the space above the closet – that’s where you can store out-of-the season shoes. Buy baskets or boxes in a similar to the closet color and arrange them on top of it.

Don’t forget the space under the beds – pick medium sized boxes to store their blankets, pillows, linen and bedding. Before you go to a hardware store, don’t forget to take the measurements of the areas you are thinking to use – the corners, above the beds, above the closet, behind other furniture. Buy furniture that is made for the corners and use the height of the rooms properly. If this is not enough, consider building a garden shed and using it entirely for storage. However, it won’t be climate-controlled so you can’t store vulnerable belongings there.

Home storage never seems to be enough and if that is the case in your house, then you might have to consider renting a portable warehouse container or a self-storage unit. These are safe and climate-controlled methods which guarantee perfect temporary or long-term storage of your precious possessions.

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