By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

There are always certain periods in a car’s ‘life’ when, for one reason or another, it will not be used for an extended period of time. When such a time comes, definitely the best solution for its owner is to keep the car in a storage unit. Storage units are a great alternative to the home garage, as the latter can be used for other purposes when the car is away – you can either take advantage of this opportunity and give it a thorough cleaning or use it to organize a garage sale. The options are many. Don’t forget, “out of sight, out of mind,” because you can simply put the car in a storage unit to which only you will have access. However, prior to doing so, you will need to make some preparations, which will ensure you a trouble-free start once you decide to take the car out of storage.

If the car is to be kept in storage for a period of time, not longer than six months, you are going to have to:

  • Wash and then polish the car. If the vehicle is dirty and its paint not well protected, all the dirt and contaminants that are left on its surface will surely cause corrosion and rust on the paint.
  • Fluids must be topped off. If your reservoirs are full, they will attract less moisture. This is because of condensation.
  • The oil and the filter must be changed. As time passes, the oil becomes more and more acidic and can eat away the engine. Fresh oil, however, needs a lot more to breakdown. This is why you have to make sure the engine seals are in a good condition while the car is in SE1 self storage.
  • Both the steering and the suspension components have to be properly greased.
  • Remove the car battery. In case you leave it connected there is a big possibility that it depletes completely, which itself can cause some inner cells to turn bad.
  • Top off the fuel tank and add some fuel stabilizer as well. When the tank is full, there is no space for condensation. Plus, the stabilizer keeps the gas from evaporating.
  • Don’t pull the handbrake when leaving the car in storage. When a car stays for a long time with the handbrake on, its pads usually rust. To avoid that, use wheel chocks instead.

Putting your car out of business for a long time is really harsh on the vehicle and is the second worst thing after a crash that a vehicle could endure. However, if pressed by circumstances you ought to do it and take the needed precautions.


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