Adding shelves can help add storage space to a bathroom. (Ioana Davies (Drutu)/

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

One thing we can be certain about our homes is that we’ll always need storage space. For the most part we use the space we have available, but there are many opportunities to create some. In new homes, just like in old homes you have enclosed staircases, closets, niches and places we can use for shelving. In this article we will cover different rooms and their possible storage space opportunities:


Adding shelves can help add storage space to a bathroom. (Ioana Davies (Drutu)/

The Bathroom

You can store towels, bath toys, soap and more on the wall in an attached wicker basket. You can also attach extra hooks to your shower rod so they can hold a back brush or a net bag for washcloths, toys and more. Place shelves beside your vanity, over the toilet or behind the door if the space allows it. You can also install towel racks over the door or placing hooks on the inside of the door if that has not been done already.

The Laundry Room

Add shelving to the room so they can hold different plastic bins for different family members. This will allow you to sort them out before and after you wash and dry them. You can also keep other bins for damaged or unwanted clothes so you can sort them out later according to their purpose.

The Bedroom

You can add more storage space to your bedroom by making a headboard storage. On it you can place lamps, books or a radio as well as storing any blankets and linens inside. The space under your bed can be used for flat bins where you can hold your bed linens, out-of-season clothes, photographs or anything else that’s not used too often. You can create or buy a hollow ottoman so you can store other belongings inside such as magazines or something else.

Shelving Between Wall Studs

Depending on the type of your home, it could be built with drywall and studs. If that is the case, then you have a chance to add some more cabinets or even shelving between said studs. They don’t take too much space because of their recessed nature, so this allows for flexibility.

We’ve mentioned adding shelves many times in this blog. Here’s how to build them:

First of all you will need a stud finder, making sure there will be no pipes or wires behind the space where you’ll be building your storage space. Next you need to check and lay down the dimensions of your storage on your chosen wall. Make sure you don’t cut through studs, but instead plan around them to preserve the structural integrity of your wall. Also make sure you have turned off the power to the room you work in to avoid getting electrocuted if you cut through a wire. Have a keyhole or saber saw ready and cut open the wall based on your layout. Move slowly and watch for wires and pipes, then clear the space. If you have to make a storage space larger than that between two studs you will need to cut the middle stud off. It would be wiser not to do so, however. Cut two 2x4s to size, so they can fit the openings and nail them to the studs. Next, line the enclosure with wood or wallboard and paint the opening. You can install laminated shelves or whatever else you feel comfortable with. Install a door with magnetic hinges on the side panel if you want to cover the space up.

Grace Bailey is an expert in the field of relocation and storage, working on behalf of  Chiswick removals providing professional assistance all across the Europe.

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