There are many different options when it comes to car storage. (Rob Wilson/

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Car storage can be used for shorter or longer terms, according to the needs of the specific customers. Storage facilities exist to provide efficient protection of cars against the elements, with convenient access for customers, and cutting edge security features that guarantee the safety of their cars. The benefits of using car storage are evident for people who do not have their own car storage, so they need to look for professional services in that respect. In other cases people can have a need for more space in their garage area, to store other items, such as kids’ prams, boats, bicycles, etc. For them, the seeking of professional car storage is again the solution. Storage facilities offer opportunities for both indoor storage and outdoor storage. In all storage facilities, the use of security features guarantees the safety of the cars stored. Security is ensured thanks to 24 hours video recording, the employment of electronic gate access, and ample lighting of the areas of the storage facilities.

One of the main features which provide convenience for customers using car storage is the great flexibility they are offered. Most storage facilities offer 24 hours access, as well as flexible lease terms. Customers prefer such lease terms, with month to month lease for the car storage used.

Customers can use indoor storage facilities when they need to store small, compact cars. Customers are advised to measure the size of their vehicles in order to know if it will fit the storage space offered. Measuring the height of vehicles is essential for pickups and for SUVs. The additional length or width which is obtained by adding the mirrors or the hood ornaments should also be taken into consideration. Of course, the vehicle width is the most important indicator because if a car is wider than the door of the storage facility space offered, it means the space will not be able to fit the car.

There are many different options when it comes to car storage. (Rob Wilson/

In outdoor storage for cars, customers are offered different outdoor parking solutions which are comfortable for the accommodation of all sizes of vehicles. But here again, care should be taken to find out the size of the parking spaces allotted, and see if the specific vehicle will fit the area designated for it. The added comfort of some outdoor car storage facilities includes covers of the outdoor parking area, in order to adequately protect the vehicles stored there from the sun and the elements.

People who do not have room in their garage to store their cars, or people who are going to be absent from home for longer periods should not hesitate when they choose car storage facilities for the accommodation of their vehicles until they free their garage space or until they return from journeys. There are a lot of storage facilities for vehicles available in different areas, and people can easily find the nearest facility when they launch a search online. They can contact facility managers using the contact details on websites, by phone or going to the facility to find out the terms offered.


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