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By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

When it comes to storing possessions, things have been quite stable in the past decade – while our homes are becoming smaller, our material items are growing in number. We buy much more than we need and we definitely don’t throw away enough of the old belongings. Whether it’s old furniture, collectibles  sports equipment or tools, these items take lots of space at home.

Finding a good art storage facility that can properly protect your piece is important.

Some people love collections of works of art – paintings, sketches, sculptures, vases, various antiques, coins, stamps and other collectibles. When you have a collection that you’ve been growing for years, you don’t ever want to part with it. However, certain pieces of art require proper handling and pamper and storing them in your house will do more damage to them than you imagine. You cannot keep expensive paintings in your garage and you definitely can’t move sculptures and glassware around too much. Even a slight bump or drop can damage a work of art that is not only expensive, but also has sentimental value.

Whatever type of art it is that you collect, it’s better to consider a proper storage option for it so you don’t regret it later on. An art storage provider is a facility with separate storage units where you can store various types of art. These units are climate-controlled, have shelves and are extremely convenient for usage. You have your own key and there are CCTV cameras and guards supervising the area. Once you put your art collection in a self-storage unit, you will have the peace of mind that it is secure and won’t be affected by the usual damage – sun, dust, moisture, mildew, heat, pests, etc. Storing lots of art, especially valuable pieces, at home is quite unreasonable. In the unit your art should be insured against theft and damage. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee and ideally check it out every 3-4 months. It’s the perfect solution if you are between houses, travelling the world or simply renovating your house. Whenever you need a temporary solution for your collectibles  a self-storage provider is your best option without doubt. You will be given a dolly or a small vehicle upon your arrival at the facility so you can transport the art to your unit easily. You could also ask for quality packaging and even pay for professional packing services. It will save you time and reduce the stress as packing artwork is not an easy task. The art will be protected even if you store it for a long period of time.

A good self-storage facility for art will have spacious corridors, shelves and at least a 10-foot door width. Ask about the security system before you rent the unit and when do you have access to your unit – some units wouldn’t let people 24/7.

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