Some guys like mess or don’t care about the building, unorganized pile of belongings in parts of their home. I am not one of those kinds of guys. I wouldn’t say that I have obsessive-compulsive disorder with cleaning or organizing (I don’t have labels all over my belongings or anything)… I just like to take advantage of great storage products to organize everything around me.

It's okay if your closet doesn't look quite like this one, but you can add some organization to your life.

There are many different kinds of storage and organizing products that I have found to be cost effective, extremely useful, and super creative. A lot the popular home stores like Target, Walmart, and Gordmans have several simple storage boxes and cases to use.

Here are a couple storage products I’ve found highly useful for storage and organization:

Cubby/Book Storage

Even if you don’t have many books, you can still use a bookcase for other belongings. In three weeks, I built a six-foot bookcase with multiple cubed storage units in it. Each unit has a height and width of about 12 inches, and is approximately 15 inches deep. It can be used to hold a variety of items including movies, books, pictures, and more. Benefits: You can make it out of recycled material, use it for anything, and recycle it when you’re done.

Closet Organizer

The Macy’s closet organizer meant to hang from a closet bar and hangs about three feet down from the bar. It has two parts: (1) a four-cubed clothed shelving unit of about 15 inches deep, and (2) a closet bar underneath the shelving unit to hang other clothes on. Benefits: It’s inexpensive, clears up your closet and keeps your clothes organized.

It’s not always easy to stay organized, but that’s why home stores and companies are around: to keep you organized and make your life easier. Remember that organizing is great and gives you more space to roam freely and comfortably.