Helpful Hint: Take Pictures When Packing for a Move

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

When you’re packing for a move, life tends to feel chaotic. So often you it is in our human nature to just try to get all of the packing finished as soon as possible no matter how sloppy or illogical the packing might end up. Getting stuff in boxes or packed is definitely an end goal, but having your things arrive nicely at their final destination is an even greater end goal. Taking pictures of how things are set up not only will slow down the pace of your packing to make sure you’re on track, but it will also help you when unpacking so you know the condition of your pieces and the way they were setup previously. If your things are going into storage for a while, it can be even more difficult to remember a setup based on memory.  Today, I urge you to slow down on at lease these few tasks when packing for a move to make sure your life is easier on the back end of the project:

Take pictures when  you're packing for a move so you can remember how things were set up. (maxpro/

Take pictures when you’re packing for a move so you can remember how things were set up. (maxpro/

Take Pictures of Electronic Setups

When packing for a move, you have to take everything apart. That’s easy. It’s when you arrive at your new place and put everything back together that it gets tricky. My mom has always been a huge fan of taking pictures of the ways electronics were setup that way she could recreate the setup if it had to be taken apart for some reason. This tip is SO HELPFUL because if you’re like me, you are not terribly tech savvy. When you’re packing for a move and take a few pictures of how it was set up before, you’ll thank yourself later.

Take Pictures of Furniture Setups

Furniture is much easier to move when you break it down into smaller pieces. However, before taking it apart, take pictures of how it was assembled. Lots of little pieces look a lot alike when they are scattered on the floor. If you take pictures of the assembly when you’re packing for a move, things are much easier later!

Take Pictures of the Condition of Items

Your big ticket items should be handled carefully to make sure they retain their condition throughout the move. It’s a good idea to take pictures BEFORE you move with the time and date stamp on the picture to show the piece’s condition before transportation. Having photographic evidence of how your things looked can help if you have a problem later down the road.

Taking these few pictures can save you a lot of headaches later. I understand fully that you don’t want anything to slow down the process of packing for a move, but these few steps can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money later.

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