The holiday season is a great time of the year. When the festivities are all over it can be a not so great time putting all of the decorations away. We would like to extend 10 tips to help you organize and store your holiday decorations that will protect and make next year that much easier.

1. Keep Items Together

– If you have a favorite set up for your fireplace mantle or a great table setting keep all of those items together in one box or bin to ease you set up for next year.

2. Put together a “Holiday Tool Kit”

– Just make a small bin that has all of the tools you need to set up. For example: scissors, wire cutters, tape, glue, pack of batteries, and some replacement light bulbs. This little step will keep you from running around looking for these items.

3. Clearly Label

– How ever you sort your decorations whether by room, size, shape, or type. Make sure you CLEARLY label each box. The best option is to use clear plastic bins and slip a piece of paper in the end that you can read. Plastic bins will be much more sturdy and better protect your decorations than cardboard boxes.

4. Wind those Wires

– Take the time to carefully wind and bind up your holiday lights. Then place them in a clearly labeled box. This will greatly reduce your frustration level next year!


5. Wrap up Ornaments

– Flat ornaments can be placed in a box with layers of tissue in between. Round ornaments will fit nicely back in to their original boxes or you can buy specially made protective ornament boxes. If an ornament is too large such as a tree topper it may have to be stored separately.


6. Reusable

– Buying reusable decorations will really cut down on your holiday budget in the long run as well as save you time and effort. Artificial garland, wreaths, and even trees are much more economical. If you miss that wonderful holiday smell you can find many air fresheners that will fill the void. Storing these item in their original box or a special wreath or tree box is best.

7. Label Location

– Can’t remember where it goes? Before you put away decorations tag them with where they go. For example, label candle sticks “Mantle” or ribbon “door knobs”.

8. Where to put it all?!?

– Put your decorations is a safe dry place. Storage facilities are nice because it gets those once a year items out of your home leaving more room for you and your family. Storage units can come in a variety of sizes and type (such as climate controlled). Search and you will find your perfect storage solution.

9. Write it down or snap a picture!

– Like the way your decorations looked? Snap a photo and place it in with your decorations so that you remember for next year. If you had a holiday party write down things you would have done differently (Buy more cups or Aunt Laura is a vegetarian) that way you won’t make the same mistakes twice!

10. SAVE!

– After they holiday season is the best time to get huge discounts on decorations and storage containers for next year. Take advantage of this time and save a TON!

We hope that everyone has a great holiday season!