Home Entertainment Storage
Home Entertainment Storage

How to store home entertainment equipment


When in the home, there’s no doubt electronics can bring hours and hours of entertainment. There’s Netflix binges, shopping online, or hours-long sessions of gaming with your friends. Outside of the home, however, electronics can be a different matter.


No matter how sturdy they’ve made televisions, gaming consoles, or computers, there’s always a sense of risk when moving or storing home entertainment equipment. Dust can creep into places it doesn’t belong, temperatures can warp the plastic used, and who ever wants to part with costly equipment?


Fortunately, there are some key steps you can take when using self storage for your home entertainment equipment.


Key features for home entertainment equipment


There are some important features to look for when finding a storage facility for your home entertainment equipment. The first thing you should look for is a storage facility with strong security features to protect your electronics.


Most storage facilities will offer security such as video surveillance, and while this definitely help keep a watchful eye on all the contents of all the storage units, there are other features you may want. For instance, electronic gate access. This feature requires a keycode to enter the premises, helping the storage facility know exactly who is there, and keeping out those who shouldn’t be. This can be made even better if the facility has onsite management for an instant response to any problems.


Another important feature when storing home entertainment equipment is climate control. This feature maintains a constant temperature and humidity level inside the storage unit and is especially important when living in regions with extreme seasonal weather. Humidity in the air can cause condensation in your electronics over time, and water does not mix well with circuitry. Meanwhile, fluctuations in temperature can cause thin plastic casings to snap or break over time.


Preparing your home electronics for a storage unit


Before putting your computer, video game console, or television inside a storage unit, it’s best to place it in a container—the original packaging if possible. These containers do more than make it easier to stack, they keep out dangerous dust from creeping into your electronics and causing them to overheat later.


When placing your electronics in boxes, be sure to brace them packaging material. This prevents the items from shifting and bouncing against the sides of the box, potentially damaging them. Another consideration is adding a silica gel packet, which helps suck up any further moisture in the air.


Lastly, clearly mark the contents of each box and take inventory of each item on a piece of paper or even on your mobile device for convenient lookup of what electronics are in your storage unit.


When the time comes to place your home entertainment equipment in a storage unit, place them along the outside walls of the storage unit rather than a stack, that way you can have quick access to anything and everything in your unit.


Storing home entertainment equipment


Whether you’re moving, being deployed, or just don’t have space at the moment for that 52-inch screen, there are times when you need to store home entertainment equipment. Fortunately, by finding the right storage facility and taking the necessary steps, you can easily store your home entertainment equipment, you can even find everything you need with us at USStoragesearch.com and start storing today!

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