By Laura Gee, Storage and Organization Contributor

Two of our good friends have a room that is supposed to be their home office. Right now it is a catch all for anything they don’t have a place for yet. My goal is to help them turn this storage room into a functional office. Yesterday I went into that room with Sofia (one of the homeowners and we got started).

The first thing I had to do was see what was in there already. I’ve been in this room several times but never really paid much attention to it. She was right, it is a catch all. They have three different end tables, an entertainment center, some shelves, a sleeper sofa, filing cabinets, kitchen supplies…a ton of stuff. We went through and decided what needed to be pitched, moved to a different room, and what needed to stay. This seemingly simple task was surprisingly difficult and we just did a quick evaluation of the room. But, this evaluation is an important first step because that let me know what she was looking to get out of this room in the future.

With the “keep” list in mind, we set about creating “goals” for this room. First and foremost it needs to be turned into an office—its original purpose upon purchasing the house. I then asked her what her and her husband thought of when they thought of an office. She said any office for them would have to have a place for their computer and all of its components, filing storage, displays for their collections, book shelves, wine storage (the kitchen is right across from the office), and space for the random items that are a part of life. There are a lot of things they want out of this room and thankfully I’m quite sure I can make all of that possible.

At that point, I had to go home, but Sofia and I took the internet when we went home to research possible storage solutions for her office. I created a Pinterest board ( for ideas that I found that I thought suited their needs. Since we are friends, she had the same idea and started pinning some ideas of her own! Soon we will get together for coffee and discuss some of the ideas that we’ve come up with and hopefully get a better plan for how we are going to turn this room into her dream office.

We would LOVE input from YOU as we go through this journey. Sofia and her husband Brian have been nice enough to allow me to document this adventure. Please follow all of the vlogs, blogs, and Pin boards as we go through this and share advice. For now, I’m going back to the drawing board to see how I can upcycle some of their current pieces into highly functional bits of office furniture!