By Laura Gee, Marketing Associate

I went to high school with a girl whose mother redecorated their entire home in order to match whatever the season was. True story—she had that much time and cash on hand for seasonal redecorating. In the fall, she would change out all of the sunny summer colors for the oranges, reds, and yellows of fall. Every year she would pull out some old faithful pieces and would mix in new ones that she had picked up on her shopping trips. This woman should have been an interior decorator because her work was great. One tip that (we’ll call her Mrs. Smith) Mrs. Smith I’m sure wouldn’t mind sharing is that in order to do this, she had to stay well organized with lots of space.

Interior designers and real estate staging agents should use this bit of advice from Mrs. Smith and use a storage unit to keep their items safe and organized. Mrs. Smith kept all of her seasonal items in labeled bins in specific sections of her storage unit. She would keep all of her winter things together in one area and not mess with that area until it was time to use it. Digging through piles of stuff was not her style. All of her items were within easy access and she knew where everything was. If she needed her Christmas napkins for a “Christmas in July” party, she could put her hands on them easily. This is how an interior designer or professional home stager should keep their things organized. Having a well organized storage unit will mean that you can get at any item quickly when you have a client in need. Like Mrs. Smith, you should be able to walk into a space and put your hands right on whatever it is that you need.

By keeping everything in a storage unit, you can keep your items that aren’t in use out of your home or office so you can use your spaces for their original intentions. Mrs. Smith would never put spring flower arrangements in a guest bedroom for storage and you shouldn’t do that with your items. Think of your self storage unit as an extension of your office. Storage units give you the space you need to organize out all of your items. You can keep your records and filing cabinets in your self storage space. You can put bins of fabric swatches, pillows, or other items in another area. Extra furniture can be stored for safe keeping until you are ready to use it in a client’s place. How you arrange the organization in your unit is up to you. Do you want to organize it by color so you can find red curtains in a flash or do you want to organize it by room type so you can find kitchen decorations in the blink of an eye?

With the variety of amenities and sizes for self storage, you can find a unit that meets your needs. Are you are professional stager and have your own furniture that you use over and over again? Then rent a large, climate-controlled unit to keep your things organized. Are you an interior designer who has book after book of ideas or samples and just need a little extra space? Then rent a small storage locker to keep your things organized.

Mrs. Smith was a home staging and decorating genius. I would love to know what she did with all of her stuff when they moved away to Arizona and downsized. She was certainly a decorating inspiration, but she is also an organizational inspiration. Allow Mrs. Smith to inspire you to organize your decorating efforts and get a storage unit like her.