Winter Moving
Winter Moving

By Kristin Leigh, Moving, Storage & Organization Contributor to

Living with people usually results in many compromises.  You have to make compromises for things like how to decorate, what to eat, schedules and the one that we struggle with– the compromise of storage solutions and organization.

My husband and I each have our own way of doing things, whether in cleaning or organizing the master closet or the toy room.  The problem is, my husband is quite motivated in the organizational process and likes to do it fast, fast, fast!  To me, it doesn’t always seem like the most efficient way when he just starts shoving stuff in boxes and throwing them on shelves.  I on the other hand, like to ponder how to store everything perfectly.  I walk each room, take a mental inventory of everything in the room and then search around for the best and most efficient way to store and organize things.

So this is where our troubles stand in my opinion:  The husband likes to do things quickly to get them done and I like to take my time make sure it’s done the best possible way. 

When we moved into our new house last year, we brought all of our stuff out of our storage unit that we haven’t seen for over a year.  Some things we recovered were necessities, things we needed in the new house, however most of it was not.  So, where did all this stuff go that we hadn’t seen in a year once in the new house? To the basement

After we moved in, we were stuck with boxes full of stuff and no clear solution on how to store it all!

of course.

Luckily for me my husband loves shelves.  He loves building them and hanging them on our walls of our garage and in the basement as well.

However, another thing that sets us apart in our storage battle, is while my husband is quickly hanging shelves and throwing bins and boxes on them, I am left wondering where all my stuff is!  For us, we may have our disagreements in the way we store our extra belongings we aren’t using at the moment, but one thing is for sure: if we are both involved in the process together, things are not only going to go smoothly, but we will both know where everything is stored.

I can’t say that I know where everything is stored right now.  We still have a collection of full moving boxes in the basement that are put away for now, and I couldn’t tell you half of the stuff that is in the garage, but we have a plan to get everything in order and labeled so we can both find things in a hurry.  Here is our plan as of now…

Check in tomorrow afternoon to see what their plan is. For now, who’s right? Comment below on whose side you take. Are you with Kristin and want to take things slow and do it perfectly? Or are you with her husband and want to get stuff done right away and just adjust later? Let us know! There is no right or wrong here so tell us!