This blog plays off of the idea "don't judge a book by it's cover."

By Ryan McDonald, Writer

Have you ever heard someone say “don’t judge a book by its cover”?  How often have you judged something by its appearance? I probably do this more often then not but that is probably true for most people.

This blog plays off of the idea “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

Appearance is worth a lot to a company and a good image means you are probably a well maintained company. This goes to say that it is important for storage facilities to be aware of how customers feel about the facilities and amenities offered. To discover how people view your facility and how you can make it better with out wasting a ton of money you should start by asking your customers and employees to take a survey. Why is it important to have your employees’ opinions? If your employee’s are happy then they will assure your customers are also happy. Here are a few suggestions about how to write a survey provided by

  • Be clear about what you are asking
  • Ask a lot of specific questions to help make data easier to analyze and easier for customers to answer

Companies can also sign up for a free account at and create free electronic surveys. You can pass the survey information out via email, direct mail or QR code with a special link that the company will provide.  The website will then compile all the data for you and report how many people have responded.

Some good practices that your company should do to improve the look of your company with out having to spend a lot of money are:

  • Make sure the first thing people see is the office or make sure it is easy to find.
  • Have the main office painted every few years, inside and out. Use colors that correlate with your brand image.
  • Clean the exterior walls of the storage units with a power washer once a year if you can’t do them all try to do the ones that are seen the most.
  • Keep main office windows clean
  • Organization and presentation are things people remember, so keep your counter tops or desks clean and tidy.

All these different ideas are important because we not only want to get customers, we want to keep them. With these simple tips you should be able to improve your company image and customer satisfaction greatly.