Storage with Drive-Up Access

By Molly Hammond,

While it’s exciting to get set up in a new home, moving can be a lot of work—especially if you have a lot of heavy furniture and boxes that you can’t drop off until the previous owners move out. For this reason, many movers opt to rent a self storage unit for a short time during a move.

It’s easy to find a storage unit near you, but there’s more to consider than just proximity to your home.

In most cases, a 10×20 or 10×30 unit is large enough to house the items you’re looking to store. But if the unit is located up a few flights of stairs or requires you to go through several doors, the convenience is pretty much lost. Fortunately, units with drive-up access exist to alleviate this issue.

Since so much of moving is consumed with finding spaces and configurations for mattresses, bookshelves, and dressers, a storage facility with drive-up access can be a lifesaver. Opting for a drive-up unit doesn’t mean your belongings will be any less secure, as these units require the same method of entry (whether it be key or access code) as the rest of the facility.

The advantage to storage with drive-up access is the opportunity to drive your van, pickup, or moving truck directly up to your unit, meaning that moving things in or out of the vehicle is much simpler than maneuvering objects up a flight of stairs or walking a long way from the parking lot. Though it can cost a bit more to nab a unit with drive-up access, it’s definitely an option worth choosing.

These units are particularly helpful for those moving in less than ideal weather, too. Though you’ve got a certain amount of control over moving furniture or boxes into your new home, if you have to get out of your old place by a certain date (as is usually the case), there’s little to be done about moving in rain or extreme heat. Even if you’re using a tarp on your pickup or a moving truck that completely covers your things, just moving from the vehicle to the house in inclement weather can cause problems.

Minimizing the time spent loading and unloading at your storage unit increases the likelihood that your items will be moved successfully (with no heat or water damage) and certainly makes it easier on those charged with moving the items. Plus, once your items are in storage—particularly non-essentials like seasonal decorations and the odd armchair—you can house them for as long as it takes until a perfect day for completing your move rolls around.

Units with drive-up access are also great for the items that really can’t be heaved by even your strongest friends…like vehicles. Maybe your new place doesn’t have the garage space you’re used to, or you intend to store your boat in the unit you’re currently using for your household items. Whatever the reason, if you’re ready to have some time apart from your vehicle, it’s good to have drive-up access.

Moving is hard enough. Make that storage work for you by finding a unit with drive-up access. Your boxes and your biceps will thank you!