How Storage Helps With Moving

By Patrick Galvan,

When transitioning between homes, people frequently turn to self storage to hold additional belongings. This gives movers the time and space they need to commute back and forth, unpack essentials, and finish the transition at their own pace. When transporting large, heavy items such as furniture, a storage unit is a great commodity to have.

Did you know there are moving-related services self storage facilities can provide? Consider the following storage assets the next time you move.

Storage Providers and Packing Supplies

One moving challenge people sometimes run into is gathering enough packing supplies for all of their belongings. You don’t necessarily need to go to a moving company or a supermarket to find cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, or furniture covers. Your storage provider might be able to provide these items for you at little to no cost!

Don’t forget: storage operators are experts when it comes to preservation. They should be able to offer tips and suggestions on packing, specifically how to pack delicate items, how many items you can store in a single box, when it’s appropriate to use packing peanuts or crumpled-up newspaper, and even how to strategically place each box in a storage unit. Your storage provider can give you useful information, so don’t be shy about calling them ahead of time.

Portable Storage and Its Benefits

In addition to providing packing supplies, some storage facilities even handle transportation—and for a cheaper price than most moving companies! Instead of hiring a moving company to haul everything you own from home to the next—paying for their time and gasoline expenses all the while—you can spend less to have a mobile storage unit delivered from one home to the other! This is called portable storage (or mobile storage).

When you rent a portable storage unit, your storage operator will bring it to a location specified by you, such as your lawn or driveway, and leave it for you to fill at your leisure. Unlike a moving company, which operates according to a schedule, you can pack and load without worrying about deadlines. Loading is also made easier since the mobile unit sits on the ground. You can carry heavy belongings as if carrying them through an open doorway, which is much more convenient than straining yourself hauling furniture up a ramp.

Once you have finished loading your portable unit, all you have to do is notify the storage provider to let them know you’re ready for them to pick it up and deliver it to your new home (or store it, should your moving process take longer than a few weeks). In short, a portable storage unit is a cheaper, more convenient alternative to a moving company.

The next time you change homes, contact a local storage provider and see what they can do to help you save money during your move.