By Patrick Galvan,

As a teacher, your day is packed with providing lessons for students, meetings with administrative staff, grading homework, and preparing both extracurricular and in-class activities. As if this didn’t make your life busy enough, now you have materials and class supplies piling up in your classroom, some of which you might not need until later in the week or a few months down the road. Having a self storage unit will lift a few of these burdens as you can save space in the classroom (and at all home, since you don’t want to use your own residence for storing school supplies) and still hold onto whatever materials you need for class.

Examples of School Supplies You Can Put in Your Storage Unit

school supplies

With a self storage unit, you can clear out basically any kind of clutter you’re experiencing in the classroom. The best way to save space is to store anything you are not using in the present or immediate future. So if you have supplies for special projects (such as materials for an art project, notebooks, binders, textbooks, etc.), you can move these into your storage unit and keep them there until the day of the project is nearer. One of the benefits of using self storage is you can access your items at a time that conveniences you.

How about all of those class projects you want to hand out to your students at the end of the school year? What do you do with them in the meantime? Keeping them in the classroom will only take up space for weeks, or even months, but having a self storage unit means you can safely stow them until the final semester is up.

Teachers with a specific focus will also find self storage handy. Music teachers can use their unit for storing instruments, sheet music, stands, and other supplies for their classes. Art teachers oftentimes each different kinds of art and shift between them as the semester goes. So while you’re teaching students how to paint, you can keep your modeling supplies in storage and trade out when you change topics.

How Self Storage is Helpful During School Breaks and Vacations

Winter break

Another use teachers have for self storage is storing items during the long holiday breaks. While you might be able to keep everything in your classroom over the two weeks of Christmas break, what do you do for the three months of summer vacation? Even though teachers oftentimes need to continue working both before and after the kids start celebrating their time off, there will be a long stretch of time where your classroom is empty. Also, what happens if the school decides you’ll be working out of a different classroom next semester, and what if the new classroom isn’t ready for you? In all of these situations, it helps to have a backup space to store your classroom supplies until a time that conveniences you.

With a self storage unit, you can do just that! Not to mention having a storage unit means you can keep your belongings in a private location where nobody other than you will be able to access them.

Amenities Teachers Should Look for in Self Storage 

self storage

When selecting a self storage unit, you should also ask about what amenities and security features they offer.

Climate Control: This is a must-have if you are storing items that are sensitive to changes in temperature. A climate-controlled storage unit guarantees that the the inside of the unit remains at a consistent 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum storage conditions. Instruments do not fare well in extremely hot or cold temperatures, so music teachers will want to seek out a climate-controlled storage unit. The same applies for art teachers, for they don’t want their students’ canvas paintings to become crinkled or deteriorated by extreme temperature and humidity levels. Even general education teachers will find this useful if they are storing paper (such as graded homework or art projects) and class photographs. You don’t want those irreplaceable mementos to go to waste.

24-Hour Access: As a teacher, you might find yourself working late from time to time, especially if you teach during the day and also lecture at a local college or university in the evening. Storage facility business hours are limited, so you’ll want to find a facility with 24-hour access. This means you’ll be given a private access code allowing you to enter the facility’s gate at any time, so you can access your unit at any time you want.

Security Features: Of course, what good are conveniences if thieves and vandals can just waltz into your unit and make off with your stuff? Good security features to look for include: video surveillance, gated access, nighttime lighting, and alarmed units.

Teacher Discounts: That’s right: some facilities offer lower prices for clientele in your profession! Ask your local storage operator what discounts they offer.

The professional life of a teacher is busy enough. Take off a few of those stresses with the use of a self storage unit.

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