Storage Unit Cleaning

Even though you’ll never live in your storage space, you’re still keeping important things locked up inside. To make sure your things stay in the best shape possible, keep everything clean and protected. Here are a few tips for keeping your storage space tidy.

Avoid Dust

The biggest mess you have to worry about in your storage unit is the amount of dust that can accumulate on your items. Dust is inevitable, so invest in a tarp to cover large furniture pieces or a blanket to cover electronics. If dust gets into any of the crevices on your electronic devices, they may not work as well when you start them up again.

Vacuum Twice a Year

It’s not extremely important to keep your storage unit in top shape, but vacuuming your unit twice a year could be of significant help in keeping your items clean. Before vacuuming, dust off any pieces of furniture or boxes.

Organize While Cleaning

If you’re committed to having a clean storage unit, it may be worthwhile to organize your space. Reevaluate what you have in your unit and get rid of anything you don’t need to store anymore. Also, label boxes and organize accordingly. Organizing will ensure you will find what you need when you come to your unit.

Making sure your storage unit is clean is a great way to maintain the value of everything you’re storing, and organizing your unit can even mean more space for your things.