After renting a self storage unit from, make your storage unit functional. (andrea crisante/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

For users of self storage that are just looking for more room for temporary purposes or for a time period in which they will not be accessing their unit, you have more freedom in how you set up and organize your unit. For customers who have long-term plans for their storage unit, it is important that they take the time to organize their whole storage experience properly. Starting with renting a unit that makes financial sense and ending with having a unit that meets their needs for now as well as for down the road are parts of the process. Having your self storage unit functional is important for getting a good value.

After renting a self storage unit from, make your storage unit functional. (andrea crisante/
After renting a self storage unit from, make your storage unit functional. (andrea crisante/

First of all, carefully think about how much space you’ll need. Assume for now that you go with the worst case scenario that you will not be purging any of your stored items ever. Rent a storage unit that fits those needs. If you need to, get rid of stuff now before you book a unit that is going to cost you too much in the long run because you’re hanging on to things you flat out know you shouldn’t be keeping.

In conjunction with the first step, rent a unit from a facility that is convenient to you. You need a place that you can get to easily that has access hours that work with your schedule. Having these things in place will help ensure you keep your storage unit functional.

Next, organize your unit when you’re loading it. Think logically about how easy it is to get to certain things throughout the unit. It’s best to have all of your items decently accessible to maintain good storage unit. Keeping your unit functional means you can use whatever you want whenever you need it (within reason of course).

Lastly, use your storage unit. Access it frequently. Take advantage of the space you have and use the items you have in storage if you’re going to keep a long-term storage unit. Keeping your storage unit functional helps you use the items you’re paying to protect. If you’re going to the trouble of renting from a reputable place, then you should be using the items you’re safeguarding.

Having a functional storage unit makes financial sense. Storage facilities want you to have a good experience and want you to get your money’s worth out of your rented space. This space that they are renting you is supposed to make your life better, so let it! Putting in effort to have a functional storage unit is a great investment of your time.