winter car storage
winter car storage

How to store a car for winter


Kids are back in school, the long and hot days are winding down, and the familiar scents of fall grow each day on the cooling breeze. Summer nears its end. And while we can all certainly hope for a long, enjoyable fall, the reality is that winter is not too far behind.


Winter is often a time people place their car in a storage unit, and for a number of reasons such as preserving a high-end sports or classic car in the harsh whether or not being able to park on the street during the snowy months. No matter what your reasoning, there are best practice to storing a car in winter, and we’re here to teach you how.


Preparing your car for self storage


For lack of a more appropriate cliché, it all starts with some elbow grease. You’re going to need to provide a deep cleaning of both the exterior and interior of your car. Key areas to focus on include the fenders, exhaust pipe, dashboard, carpet, and pretty much any spot that dirt, grime, and food can get stuck.


Cleaning out such contaminants is crucial as they can cause rust on metal, discolor fabrics, or even impact the performance of your vehicle.


After the deep cleaning, there are a few more things to prepare your car. For instance, wiper blades can often stick to glass, so it’s a good practice to remove the blades and store them inside the car. You should also take steps to add fuel stabilizer to your gas can to ensure a smooth start when you remove it from storage.


One key question many people have is what to do about the battery. If it is a new car, it’s ok to go ahead and keep the battery in the car. Older vehicles may benefit more from having the battery removed and placed on a trickle charger to maintain its charge. Lastly, be prepared to plug the exhaust pipe to reduce the risk from any pest nesting in your car.


The best storage facility for car storage


Once you’ve got your car ready for storage, you need to find the best storage facility for your vehicle, and to do that, you have to find the right storage features. To first, and most necessary, is drive up access. While many storage facilities do offer outside parking, that will not best protect your vehicle from the winter elements. Drive up access allows you to pull your car up directly to the unit, and in this case, park it directly inside.


As this car is likely valuable, you’re going to want strong security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsight management. Another feature that can protect your vehicle is climate control when available. This feature keeps your vehicle inside a constant temperature and humidity level, preventing any freeze damage from occur.

If you’re storing an older car that needs a trickle charger for its battery, it is possible to find storage facility with electrical outlets within the unit. This way, you can keep and charge the battery right alongside the car.


Lastly, one important thing to note is that in order to get the best unit with the features you want, it is worth looking ahead and reserving in October. Basically, get the unit before winter hits.


Storage your car in a storage unit


With the official start of fall, it’s important to look ahead and begin preparing now. With the right steps and the best storage features, you can keep your car safe and secure throughout the winter so it’s ready to roll next summer.


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