How to Storage a Christmas Tree
How to Storage a Christmas Tree

With the Christmas season coming to a close, you may find yourself with more Christmas decorations than you have space to store them, and rarely do any Christmas decorations come larger than your own, fake Christmas tree.

Whether it’s a glorious, new nine-footer you purchased this year or the old plastic tannebaum you inherited from your parents’ old place, plastic trees are a great way to celebrate the Christmas season, but they do often take up more space when not in use. Enter a storage unit.

By placing your Christmas tree in a storage unit, you can get more use of your space at home while keeping this cherished piece of Christmas decor, and with the right steps and features, you can keep it for the long haul too.

1. Prepare your Christmas tree

After taking down each of the ornaments and storing them safely as well, you should carefully disassembly and/or fold up each piece of your Christmas tree. Many plastic trees are made modular, with pieces that will have to be taken apart. Carefully fold each piece back into a manageable shape, gently pressing the wire branches back together.

If possible, carefully put each piece back in the original packaging. You may want to wrap these pieces as well to provide further protection. If the original box isn’t available, you can use a large tote or similar-sized cardboard box.

2. The right storage features for a Christmas tree

Now, despite popular belief and conventional wisdom, these Christmas trees are not indestructible. Overtime, they will be worn out, colors will fade, and even fake evergreen needles can fall. With the right features, you can keep your tree even longer.

For instance, moisture and temperature can cause rust in wiring and melting plastic needles and other warped components. You can prevent such weather-related damages by placing your Christmas tree in a climate controlled storage unit. This feature will maintain a constant temperature and humidity level within the unit, keeping your tree safe all year.

If possible, it may also be beneficial to find a storage unit with drive up access—especially if you have a larger Christmas tree. These boxes and decorations can be large, heavy, and otherwise awkward to carry. A drive-up storage unit allows you to pull your vehicle directly up to your unit for easy drop off and pickup of any and all items.

3. Place your tree in the storage unit

Your Christmas tree can be placed in your storage unit alongside any other belongings. Typically speaking, Christmas tree boxes are best stored horizontally along the flood and wall space rather than vertically. You may be able to store things on top of them as well, but don’t go too heavy.

Keeping your Christmas tree safe and in pristine, decorating condition for decades is well within the realm of possibility with these easy steps.