Storing Fine China
Storing Fine China

The holidays are normally an ideal to pull out all the stops for company and nice dinners. Go ahead and mull the wine, breakout your favorite cheesecake recipe—the one your great aunt gave you—and, of course, make sure you have your best china for your guests.


But once the holidays are over, it’s not always easy to store these delicate, but heavy, cups, plates, bowls, and more. Sure, some folks may have a hutch to display the china year-round, but if all you have is an already overused hallway closet, a storage unit may be best for your china.


Believe it or not, storing your china takes a lot more than setting some plates into a unit. There are key steps to take to prepare your china as well as important factors to look for in the right storage unit for your china.


Preparing your china for self storage


Besides making sure your china is properly cleaned and dry, there are some other key steps to taking before placing your china in a storage unit, the first of which is finding the right container. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the smaller the box you should place it in. There are specialty china containers out there, but you can also use a plastic totes over a cardboard box.


When placing your plates and bowls into a plastic bin or box, it’s actually recommended to play them on their sides. The edges of these dishes are made stronger than the centers, and are less likely break when dropped or jostled, though it is still recommended you place packing sheets or even acid-free paper between each plate and at the bottom of the container for protection. For items like cups, it is recommended to use dividers to prevent any bumping or scraping while moving.


Avoid using packaging materials like newspaper, as this will require extra clean up time later on. In fact, china is one of the best times to grab the bubble wrap, offering the best protection while in transit.


As you’re placing your china in the containers, make sure your label everything so you can easily identify which container has what later on. This is also a good time to write the inventory down in your phone or a notebook.


Important storage features for china


The two key storage features when storing china revolve around protection. The first is more apparent, and that is the security features. As when storing anything of a high personal or financial value, security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsite management are important to preventing any loss from theft or vandalism.


The next feature is one not often thought of for plates and cups, and that is climate control. If you live in a region with extreme seasonal temperatures, a climate controlled storage unit will maintain a constant temperature and humidity level inside your unit. This is important as extreme heat and cold can cause cracking, peeling, and other damage to your china—and humidity can even wear down the paint.


Once you’ve taken the right preparations and found the best storage unit for your china, reserve online with us, and place your china in your unit until next year. You can even place the Christmas decorations alongside the china, saving you even more space at home.


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