Storing Fur
Storing Fur

Fur coats are back in fashion, unfortunately, fur is getting to be out of season again. With summer months ahead of us, it’s time to get these warm and, admittedly, large coats away. But rather than have these furs take up valuable closet space in special conditions, did you know a storage unit can be used to store fur coats?

With the right preparations, key storage features, and some simple organization tips, you can safely and securely keep your furs until they’re ready to be used next winter.

Selecting the right storage unit and features for fur

Climate control will be a crucial feature for storing fur. These materials do better in colder temperatures, and heat and humidity can do anything from damage your coat such as mouldy linings to developing an unpleasant odor. You may even call ahead to the facility to find out what they set these temperatures and humidity levels at—furs prefer 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity.

Another important thing to remember is these coats can be costly or perhaps a family heirloom of sorts. Protect these valuable furs with strong security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsite management.

Preparing your fur coat for storage

Take your fur coat to the cleaners unless you know how to clean it yourself, and from there, it’s important to hang the coat on the right kind of hanger as one that is not a broad-shouldered coat hanger may cause some damage. You should also place your coats or furs in a special cloth bag, not a plastic one, which will otherwise dry out your furs. These cloth bags allow room for the fur to breath.

Place your winter fur coats in storage

Once you’ve gotten your unit found and selected with the right features, and then have your coats prepared, you can place your coats inside a storage unit by providing a clothing or coat rack inside as well. When doing this, and if you’re storing your coat with other furs or boxes, it’s important not to over stuff or crowd the furs. Much like how the right hanger will help maintain the integrity of your coat and the clothing bag will provide ventilation, space will be needed for the furs to breath.

While expensive and sometimes considered high fashion, fur coats can pass down from family member to family member and will always provide a great sense of warmth and fashion in the winter months. Thankfully, with the right preparations and guidelines, you can ensure the preservations of your furs for the long haul through a self storage unit.