Storing Glassware
Storing Glassware

Whether it’s clearing out space in an apartment, inheriting family heirlooms, or maybe you’re relocating and need to store everything at once: some things require a little more TLC than others, like glassware.

Glass can be delicate, and we’re not just talking about falls and drops, but bumps and scrapes, shifting, crushing, sudden temperature shifts, and even extreme temperature drops.

If you need to store glassware, here are X steps to take.

1. How to prepare your glasses for storage

All storage situations start long before you get to your storage unit, and this is definitely true when it comes to sensitive materials like glass. Begin by thoroughly cleaning your glassware at home, wiping away any dust or debris that can cause scratching while in storage. Once clean, packing and packaging is also important.

You need a material and storage container that can breathe. If you have the original packaging, that is ideal because it will likely have cardboard spacers to help avoid any bumping while transportation. If not, most local liquor stores will gladly give away beer bottle boxes, which do include such spacers.

If such packages aren’t available, take time to place packaging paper inside more delicate cups such as wine glasses, and wrap all glassware in bubble wrap. If possible, you should even fill the box with packing peanuts.

2. The right storage features for glassware

After you have everything packed, you want to make sure you have the right storage features for your glasses. Beyond the basics of finding the right security, such as electronic gate access and video surveillance, to protect your belongings from others, sometimes you have to defend against the elements themselves.

Glass, like most things, can get brittle in frigid temperatures, but even fluctuating temperatures throughout the seasons can cause cracks to form over even a relatively small amount of time. Keep your glassware at a consistent temperature and humidity level with climate control. This feature preserves the environment inside the storage unit so your belongings want crack while in storage.

3. Place your glassware in self storage

When it comes time to actually place your glassware into the storage unit, there are still a few key tips to follow. For instance, it’s best to avoid stacking boxes. Unless you’re using clear plastic totes, which are made to handle some weight and are stackable, glassware on the bottom could get crushed, and glassware stacked too high can topple and shatter.

If possible, find a storage unit with shelving to set your glassware, or again, just avoid stacking your boxes too high.

Storage units can handle almost anything, and glasses poses no great difficulty. With the right steps and care, you can safely preserve your glassware no matter if it’s a short season or for the long haul.

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