Storing Jewelry
Storing Jewelry

Storage units are often pictured for storing bigs things such as furniture, office equipment, or even a car, but it also is great to use for something as small as a necklace. That’s right, a storage unit is a great, safe place to store your jewelry regardless of whether it’s for a short term relocation, long term downsizing, or even running an etsy shop.

And with a few easy steps and keeping an eye out for the right features, you can safely store your jewelry in a storage unit.

Clean your jewelry before a storage unit

As a rule, it’s generally a good idea to always clean whichever item you’re looking to place into a storage unit prior to storing. While different materials and items require different methods, here are a few quick cleaning methods for common items:

For cleaning silver: To get and keep silver tarnish free, use a good seal and polish. These typically come in liquids or even convenient wipes. This can also be done—though not as well—can include cleaners such as dish soap, a mix of baking soda and water, and even toothpaste.

– For cleaning gold: Gold bracelets, chains, earrings, and other items can be cleaned in a gentle solution of a few drops of dish soap and some warm water. Items can soak for about five minutes, then softly scrubbed with a clean toothbrush, then buff dry with a soft cloth.

– For cleaning gemstones: The trick for gemstones is similar to cleaning gold, but rather than using regular warm water, use seltzer water. You can still gently scrub with a toothbrush and buff dry to get back that sparkle.

It’s also a good idea to place these items in tissue paper before placing it back in the original jewelry box or in a cotton-filled jewelry box in case you lack the original. Keep each item separate to avoid tangle troubles. Lastly, document and inventory every piece placed in storage, whether on a notepad or on your phone, to ensure you know exactly which piece is where.

The right features for storing jewelry

Once your jewelry is clean, the key to looking for the right storage units is always thinking about protection. For example, most jewelry will last the longest in clean and dry conditions. This can be achieved with climate control. This feature maintains a moderate temperature and humidity level, preserving sensitive belongings.

You also need to consider the high personal if not financial value of the jewelry itself. You can protect these costly belongings from theft with strong security features such as video surveillance and onsite management. Many facilities also offer election gate access, which requires a keycode to enter the facility.

Another important consideration is insurance. Some self storage insurances may cover jewelry, but be sure to check the policy before signing any agreement. If not, consider getting specific jewelry insurance.

Putting jewelry in self storage

If all your storing is jewelry, you’ll only need a small 5×5 storage unit. You can place the items in the unit, though be sure to allow easy access to everything. However, if you’re storing your jewelry items, there are some other key tips to follow.

For instance, do not stack other items on top of your jewelry, as tempting as it may be to think you’re hiding them. Such stacking could damage the jewelry over time. On the other side of the coin, never stack jewelry boxes on other boxes higher than your shoulder height to avoid and falls, which could cause breaks, loss, and tangles.

A storage unit can give a safe place for your jewelry, keeping your entire collection ready for sale, resale, or reuse when the day comes.