Storing Paperwork
Storing Paperwork

How to store paperwork

Despite society’s constant effort to be paperless, there always seems to be stacks and stacks of paperwork we all go through. Whether to keep a written account of your personal financials, hold receipts for your transactions, or even meet a requirement to keep a record of all business operations for years, paperwork often eats up space at home or the office.


Fortunately, with a bit of preparation and the right features, self storage is the perfect solution for stacks of paperwork.


Storage features for paperwork

Most people will think of storage unit size first when it comes to feature. For a reference, a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit is similar to a walk-in closet and can be perfect for personal paperwork needs or even small businesses. Larger companies may need to upgrade to a 10×10 or even 10×20 size. However, there are other storage features that are far more important for the safety of these files:



  • Climate control: Most copy paper will be highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Heat can cause ink to fade and some paper to even yellow. Water in the air can cause the paper to deteriorate or even promote mildew growth. Finding a storage unit with climate control will keep a constant temperature and humidity level, preserving these important files.
  • Pest control: Pests and vermin can eat away at paper or use it for nesting. Find a storage facility with quality pest control to prevent such damage from happening.
  • Security: As these files are likely highly sensitive, security should be a priority. Find a storage facility with strong security features such as electronic gate access, which requires a passcode for entrance, as well as video surveillance and onsite management to deter any theft or vandalism.
  • Access types: A paper can be light, a box of papers can be heavy, and a truck of boxes can be near impossible to move alone. Find a storage facility with drive-up access, which allows you to bring your vehicle directly up to your storage unit, or even lift access to reduce heavy lifting up and down the stairs.



Preparing paperwork for self storage

Once you’ve honed in on the perfect storage facility that meets your needs, you should begin preparing your files for self storage. As oils from hands can cause yellowing over time, you can begin by organizing your files into acid-free folders, which prevents such breaking down from occurring. From here, place these folders in acid-free paper storage boxes.


Take account of what folders are placed in the box and clearly label the contents on the outside of the box. This will help for later retrieval once placed in the storage unit. This is also a good time to create a master list of your file inventory.


Once your boxes are labeled and ready to placed in a storage unit, it is a good practice to store the boxes off the ground. This can be done by bringing in shelving—or finding a storage unit with shelving already installed—or by using a wooden pallet on the ground. By keeping your paper off the ground, you help further reduce the risk of water or pest damage.


Additionally, it is beneficial to place your boxes along the perimeter of your storage unit. This allows you access to all the boxes present without having to dig through and risk disorganizing your storage unit.


Start storing your paperwork today

When you’re ready to begin storing your paperwork, you can start today! Using our vast online directories and strong search filters, you can find the perfect storage unit for your needs and reserve directly online today. Plus, you should you need any further assistance, you can call in to one of our storage representatives, and they’ll be happy to help.


Thanks for using for all your self storage needs!

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