Storing Toilet Paper
Storing Toilet Paper

After what can only be described as a season-long raid on toilet paper in most stores, you may find yourself with a stockpile of TP in your home or a desire to be ready for when the next pandemic or disaster hits. So, how do you store toilet paper for the long term?

Prone to quick degrading in water and sunlight, as well as being a preferred option for many vermin, insects, and pests, storing toilet paper correctly is crucial in maintaining the quality of today’s papery white gold. To preserve your toilet paper in self storage, here is what you need to do.

1. Properly prepare your toilet paper

If possible, start by keeping your toilet paper in its original packaging as a base-level of protection. If you’ve already ripped into your stash, you can place the rolls in a trash or large plastic bag as an extra layer of protection against any humidity. In either way, take your toilet paper rolls and place them in an airtight container such as a plastic tote. This provides two-fold protection against any moisture in the air as well as keep out any of those pests looking for nesting materials. It’s also recommended to place a silica gel packet or two to absorb any last bit of humidity.

2. Find the rest storage features for toilet paper storage

As water and temperature can make a big impact real fast on your tp stockpile, there’s one key feature that will help you preserve your toilet paper: climate control. This feature maintains a constant temperature and humidity level within your storage unit, reducing any water- and heat-related damage to this sensitive material.

While not exactly a feature, be mindful of overall storage facility cleanliness as well. If using a facility with interior storage units, check to make sure that the facility is clean and free of any debris or loose items outside of a storage unit. Such trash or discarded items could attract pests, which may otherwise find their way into your enviable trove of toilet paper.

3. How to place toilet paper in a storage unit

When it comes to placing your toilet paper inside a storage unit, there is still a few key things to do. For instance, if you’re storing stacks of TP boxes alongside other items, keep the toilet paper or other lighter items on the top of the stack, and you should never stack totes or boxes higher than your shoulders to avoid any painful or harmful bumps and falls.

It’s also recommended that you place a pallet, install shelving, or at the least lay down a plastic tarp on the ground to avoid placing your toilet paper directly on the floor. This will help further reduce the risk of any water damage from moisture that forms on the ground.

4. How to pull toilet paper out of the storage unit

Whether you find yourself in legitimate need of toilet paper in a post-apocalyptic world or perhaps you feel guilty for buying six 48-packs of toilet paper for your four-person family, there will be a day that you will collect your toilet paper from your storage unit. It’s really as simple as grabbing the right box from your storage unit, but we would recommend you carefully inspect the contents for any damage.

While most should be apparent—wadded, crumply toilet paper—look for chewed corners of any packages for pests gaining entry. Should you find any damage, salvage what you can, as toilet paper may be harder to find the next time a pandemic hits.

Toilet paper became a surprisingly valuable thing in 2020. Thankfully, whether you find yourself with a ton of it now or want to make sure you have enough in the future, a self storage unit can store your toilet paper safely until the next disaster occurs.