By Laura Gee, Internet Marketing Associate,

With a little bit of creativity, a glue gun, and some thrift store junk, you can create self storage masterpieces. Far too often things in your house become a nuisance because it just isn’t organized. I can help you find ways to organize your life and make your home or office a little bit more aesthetically pleasing. The tips and tricks I’m going to share with you can be used in the garage, the office, a kid’s room, or anywhere else you need a storage solution.

One idea that I love is taking a random old picture frame or even a broken shutter and turning it into something functional and neat to look at. You can walk into just about any thrift shop and find a box of old picture frames. There are big frames, wooden classy looking ones, chipped up multi-colored ones, ones with interesting details, and tiny coffee table frames. Anything you can imagine. Pick one that speaks to you. Don’t worry if the glass is broken or if the paint is chipping. That is an easy fix. You are going for size and shape right now. Once you get it home, it is up to you what type of storage and organizational tool that you turn your frame into. One that I saw that was perfect for an office was when a person took a huge wooden frame and stained it to a dark cherry finish. Then they hot glued a thick piece of cork board behind the frame and painted it a navy blue color to match the rest of the office furnishing. Now the old junk store frame looks like a high end message board. Instead of using cork board, you can use peg board or sheet metal for a magnetic function. I’ve seen many women go to a hardware store and purchase radiator grates and mount that on the back of a frame for earring storage. The cool part about the radiator grates is that they come in a variety of patterns and can be easily spray painted.

Another neat thing to do is to create a reading nook or fort for kids, or for you. I start by going to any inexpensive department store and pick up three cheap, three-shelf books shelves and a bunch of cheap little pillows. You can also use thrift store book shelves, an old bean-bag chair, or any other big pillows you might already have. When you get shelves of different sizes, it adds a bit of whimsy to the fort, so feel like you are bound to finding three identical units. After you find your shelves and pillows you are ready to get started. What you do is simply put the three book cases together with the shelves facing outward. One case will act as the back the nook and the two others will be the sides. You can paint the shelves any color to fit a theme of a room. In the opening, you put your pillows, bean bag chair, sleeping bag, or whatever you have and make it a cute little space to read. Place a sheet over the top of it and a mount a battery-powered night light and they have a fort to read in! I’ve seen adults do this but instead of throwing pillows on the floor, they simply enclose a small chair they already have with book shelves.

My third trick is to organize and give you more storage space in the cabinets under the sink. One quick trick is to take short pieces of PVC pipe and mount them on the back of the cabinet door. You can place hair dryers, dish scrubbing wands, curling irons, or anything else in them and they are instantly easily accessible and off the bottom of your cabinet. By placing a cheap tension rod under the sink, you can hang any spray bottles you have. Simple put the handle over the rod and you have more space on the bottom of your cabinet. Another tip is to go to a thrift store get small baskets or plastic tubs to put like items together that are loose. Sponges, towels, cleaning gloves, hair brushes, or whatever you have can be kept in a container instead of rolling around in the cabinet.

Take a few minutes and put some of these ideas into your home. Or better yet, adapt these ideas and make something totally different that meet your needs. You can always need new and creative ways to put things into storage. Storage solutions can be cheap and quick! Also, that can look pretty good if you put your own personal touches on them.