Add storage space to your home by adding shelves. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

The rooms in your home can also be used for storage without this to decrease their comfort and cosiness. Here are a few simple tricks that will help you use your rooms’ space for storage in the best possible way.

Storage space in the bathroom

Add storage space to your home by adding shelves. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)


  • Use a basket to store your towels, soaps, shampoos and other bathroom items. You can even hang the basket on the wall if the space allows it.
  • Install a few hooks on the walls of the bathroom. You can use them to hang your towels when having a bath, bath brushes and toys.
  • If possible install shelves on the walls. They are a very convenient way of storing items without using the floor space.
  • Install a shelf over the bathroom door that can be used for placing clean bathrobes and towels.

Storage space in the bedroom

Adding extra storage space in that room is not that difficult as many people are used to thinking. You can:

  • Install a headboard that can be used as a storage unit. You can use to put your books on it and sheets and blankets inside.
  • Under you bed you can place a couple of roll out bins where you can store items that you do not use too often.
  • You can use a coffer to store some of your items. And if you cover it with a beautiful cushion it will also serve you as a place to sit on.

Storage space in the kitchen

Proper storage is of extreme importance when it comes to your kitchen. You should properly arrange the space in it in a way so that it will best serve you. First and most important make sure the fridge is not too far from the oven. You have to feel perfectly comfortable when cooking and to going long distances every time you need to take anything from the fridge when you are cooking a meal.

  • Keep the plates and the cutlery you are using for your everyday meals near the dishwasher. This will save you time and efforts when using it.
  • If possible install a shelf on one of the walls and place your microwave on it.
  • Glasses should be stored with their bottoms up. This will save you space.
  • Store knives in a special locker away from the reach of children.
  • You can store your spoons and utensils in a bucket – this is both useful and handsome.
  • If you do not have enough space in your lockers and shelves to store your kitchen towels you can simply place them in a basket in some of the kitchen corners.


Grace is a passionate writer, working on a behalf of Kensington removal firm. Enjoy her tips and tricks on storage at home.

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