Increase Efficiency: Create a Storage Packing Plan

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Good coaches would never take the field without a game plan. Good teachers wouldn’t step into a classroom without some sort of lesson plan. When you enter your storage unit, you should definitely have a storage packing plan in mind.

Having a storage packing plan can help you increase the amount of usable space you have to work with. (

Having a storage packing plan can help you increase the amount of usable space you have to work with. (

Having a plan can help you increase your efficiency. If you’re able to plan ahead of time and tackle problems before they arise, you’re more apt to have a better experience. By designing the layout of your storage unit and coming up with ideas before you begin loading your storage unit, you will surely have a more efficient storage experience.

First, draw a preliminary sketch of how you want to load your unit as part of your storage packing plan. Keep in mind that you’ll want to put big items and items you know you won’t need anytime soon in the back of the unit. Be careful when allotting space for furniture to not UNDER estimate how big it is and then run out room.

Next, see from your sketch how you can increase space usage. Maybe you can add a free standing shelving unit to keep some of your non-boxed items on or perhaps you can find ways to rearrange furniture placements to make more room.

Also, think about how you can increase and promote proper air circulation in your storage unit. Allow space for walkways a gap along all of the walls. If possible, find ways to lift your things off of the floor by using items like wooden pallets.

During this time you’ll be able to see if you’ve rented the right size storage unit. A 5×5 unit might have sounded like enough to begin with, but now that you see the possibilities that a storage unit has, you might want to upgrade to a 5×10.

The last step in your storage packing plan is to create a (tentative) final sketch of your unit. Now that you’ve edited your first sketch, it’s time to make a final one so you really know what you’re doing when you move stuff into your unit.

For your storage packing plan, your sketches don’t have to be full blue prints or works of art. Just some lines & symbols with relatively accurate scaling will do just fine. The storage packing plan is to get you thinking about ways to maximize space usage in your storage unit.

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