When comparing any self storage option, differences in price within the same market area is normally determined by the amenities you want. The same as with any purchase, price should not be all that matters when making an educated decision where to store your belongings. If you have items like wood furniture or paintings that need to be protected from the elements than it would be wise to do some research and find a self storage facility in your area that offers climate controlled self storage units. This will allow your valuables to stay within the temperature range that should keep these high quality items in good condition and help them last longer.

Often overlooked is a simply amenity – pest control. Who really wants to put any of their belongings in a storage unit that is infested with mice or cockroaches – no one! Be sure you do your due diligence and ask how often the exterminator comes and if the self storage facility has had any issues with pests in the past. The last thing you want to do is bring one of the pests mentioned above into your new home.

The bottom line is that price should not be the only determining factor when placing your valuables into a self storage facility. Make sure you put the same time and effort into where your belongings will be stored as you do when looking for a place to call home. The sad reality is sometimes you get what you pay for.