By Laura

My mom has a giant jewelry collection. Having been a teacher in an elementary school, she has accumulated an intense and wide variety of pieces. She has everything from diamond rings to troll doll pins to bright red Mickey watches. This past weekend, she set out to generate a better organizational system than just putting everything in bunches of boxes. After going through the usual organizational purging practices, we hit the craft store to buy storage devices because craft stores have the BEST storage stuff.

First, since she’s a fairly faithful reader of this blog, she emptied off her entire dresser including all jewelry boxes, lotions, books, and whatever else has landed there. After getting rid of the various receipts and junk that was no longer needed, she started going through each jewelry box piece by piece. This painstaking process helped her to see what she had, what could be given away, and helped her categorize everything she had.

Next, we looked at what was seldom worn (like holiday items) and which were pieces she wears on a regular basis. This helped us see she had a LOT she rarely wears and just a few pieces she wears all the time. That piece of intel helped us know what we needed to get.

The BEAD section is PERFECT for finding good jewelry storage devices. You can find stackable boxes, divided boxes, bags, and containers in a multitude of sizes. We spent so much time analyzing compartment sizes and portability and functionality. It was worth it though! She was able to get a box with lots of dividers and a travel option. I dare somebody not to be able to find a suitable box for their jewelry on that aisle.

Next, she had me create cork board holders for her every day pieces. I’ve done this before, but this time I changed it up to fit her style a little more AND I did it for a lot less. We found $.50 rolls of ribbon, cheap cork boards, and $1 flowers. These boards are easy to mount on any wall and can hold rings, bracelets, and necklaces so you can have easy access to your most used pieces.

If you need jewelry storage, go to a craft store! You’ll find inspiration everywhere. The scrapbook aisle is also good for finding storage items. However, I’d stick to the bead row because there are SO MANY OPTIONS! Let me know what you find when you go hunting. Think of a craft storage the next time you need storage for smaller items.