Keep an inventory list of where your items are. (Fujikawa Photography/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

“It’s cold. Where are our coats? Are they in the attic still or are they in the storage unit? Did we ship them ahead and they’re already waiting for us at Grandma’s in our new city?” All of those questions are not ones you want to be asking yourself when you wake up to unseasonable temperatures. That little twinge of panic when you know you have stuff, but you just don’t know where it is isn’t helpful when you’re trying to move. As a follow up to last Friday’s blog in which we featured the app My Things, today I want to share with you why having a constantly updated inventory sheet is so important.

Keep an inventory list of where your items are. (Fujikawa Photography/

First, as previously mentioned, if you need something, knowing where it is so you can get to it is kind of necessary. If your belongings are in multiple locations, you need to keep track of what things are going where. Like in the example above, if they needed coats, they should’ve checked their inventory list and could’ve said, “Oh, I don’t see them as having been shipped or sent to the storage unit, so they must still be in the attic. We’re in luck!”

Second, when you’re unpacking and something is nowhere to be found, you need to have at least a best guess as to where it should be. Contacting a moving company because you’re fairly sure your box with your gaming console should’ve been with them isn’t going to work. You need to now definitively that it left with them at point A and should’ve been delivered to point B. It could be that you left the box sitting in the parking lot of the storage facility and accidentally drove off. Having the inventory would help you know where that box should’ve come from.

Last, it is a good way to mark condition and serial numbers. For your big ticket items, it is important for you to keep track of as much information as possible just in case the unlikely even of damage occurs. I recommend you include pictures of each expensive item for your records. Take photos of the whole piece, the corners, the screen, the serial number, and anything else that seems important about your item.

Whether you use an app like My Things or if you use an old fashioned legal pad, I just hope you use an inventory list. It will help give you peace of mind and it might come in handy if something is damaged or goes missing. The more you can do to help yourself throughout the moving process, the better.