By Laura

Upcycling has quickly become one of my favorite practices. One, it is environmentally friendly and two, it saves money! Why not find new ways to use old things. For today, let’s take a look at how you can upcycle items for organizing your craft supplies.

Tissue Boxes

Crafting supplies can get cluttered quickly. Repurpose items you have to keep them organized. (Triff/

Empty tissue boxes are perfect for storing items like pencils, pens, crayons, and other markers. Cutting the tops off of of the long, rectangular tissue boxes make them easy for kids to use and get out items that they want. Use the smaller square tissue boxes with the tops still on to keep the stored writing tools upright. Of course, wrap the tissues boxes in wrapping paper or give them a coat of spray paint to make their look fit in with your decor.

Chip Cans

I am a little obsessed with chip cans or the bread crumb cylinder containers. These containers look so nice when recovered and used as a holder for just about anything. There are two bonuses to the containers compared to using a tissue box: crush resistant and closeable. The lid feature helps keep small craft pieces from falling out of the tube and the crush resistant tube can allow you to store fragile items like seashells without worry of them being broken.

Boot Boxes

Boot boxes, and shoe boxes, are perfect for keeping paper, coloring books, and completed art project stored neatly. These boxes are easy to stack, label, and (of course) recover. Finding the right sheet of paper when crafting is easy when all of your paper items are sorted neatly. Boot boxes are great because they are large and perfect for keeping over-sized sheets of construction paper organized and wrinkle-free.

Egg Cartons

If your egg carton is nice and clean when you’re done with it, it is great for using later. These are perfect for sorting things like button, scrapbooking decorations, thumb tacks, paper clips, and any other small items you might have that need sorting. I recommend spray painting egg cartons to give them a better look. If you hang on to the top of the egg carton, then you can stack several together keeping all of your tiny items together neatly.

Organizers of these kinds at the store can quickly add up to a small fortune. Why not repurpose and redecorate some of your items into new and useful pieces? If items are still in condition then they should be used instead of pitched. Your craft room can be well organized without having to spend a fortune to do so.