Store Lawn Equipment in Self Storage

By Logan Livers,

Whether you run a small lawn care business out of your home, or your garage or toolshed is starting to get a little cramped, putting lawn equipment in self storage is a great way to save space and protect your equipment.

Find a Good Unit Size for Your Equipment

You don’t need a lot of space to store standard-sized lawn equipment. If you have a push mower, weedwacker, and other lawn care tools, you can easily fit them all in a 5×5 storage unit, which is about the size of a small shed. If you’re running a lawn care business or have larger lawn equipment, however, you might need a unit size along the lines of a 10×10 or 10×20, which is closer to the size of a one-car garage.

Storage Features You May Need

When storing lawn equipment, one feature to look for with a storage unit is drive-up access. Being able to back a car or trailer up to your unit and load/unload your lawn equipment saves you time (and lower back pain).

Also, if you have any electrical equipment that needs to be charged while in storage, such as battery-powered leaf blowers or an electric-start mower, check out storage facilities that have electrical outlets in their units.

Steps to Take Before Long-Term Storage

When lawn care season comes to an end, you might look into moving your lawn equipment into long-term storage. If this is the case, take the appropriate steps to ensure your equipment stays in good shape.

When it comes to storing a lawn mower with a gas engine, or any other lawn equipment with a small engine, you need to drain all of the fuel out before storing the mower (especially if it’s for longer than 90 days). Failing to do so could result in the gas becoming stale and corroding your engine. It’s also important to drain whatever fuel there may be in the carburetor, otherwise it could leave a gummy residue inside.

If your mower’s engine has a battery, disconnecting it will ensure you don’t lose any power due to discharge. And lastly, it’s always a good idea to get an oil change for any size engine before placing it into long-term storage, so you should do the same with your lawn equipment.