Organize and store your records properly to extend their shelf lives. (Dinga/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

For some reason, a lot of music just sounds better when played off of a vinyl record–much like the way a cold soda tastes better out of a glass bottle. Perhaps it is nostalgia or perhaps there is some science behind the preferences, but either way, there is something to be said about protecting what you like. Unfortunately–and fortunately–how we listen to music has come a long way since vinyls were big. However, protecting those precious songs on those shiny, disks is imperative for the fight to preserve classic songs and classic memories. You’ll want to make sure you’re storing records properly so they’ll be around for you and for future generations to enjoy.

Keep records stored vertically like you see in the picture to the left. (photopixel/

Straight up–not horizontal

^^That’s the answer to the age old question of which way to situate records when you store them You’re going to want to make sure records are sitting straight up, neatly placed into a bin. Keeping them in stacks of records can potentially cause warping. There are many options for finding well-fitting bins and crates online to make sure your vinyls stand up properly without being crowded.

Give them space

Records don’t like to be crammed tightly together. Cramming them together is just asking for trouble from anything from warping the record to bending the cover to creating spots where trapped moisture can build up.

Avoid moisture

Moisture isn’t good for storing records. Moisture far too often means mold and warping–both are detrimental to your vinyl collection.

Avoid the sun

Organize and store your records properly to extend their shelf lives. (Dinga/

Vinyl records and especially their covers are susceptible to the damage caused by the sun’s rays. It is important to avoid sunlight as much as possible to avoid fading and the excess heat associated with sunlight.

Keep a steady, mild temperature

Records, like many other objects, do not do well in extreme temperatures. It is important to keep temperatures constantly on a comfortable level. Changes in temperature can cause damage in a multitude of ways.

Renting a cheap storage locker to hold your vinyl collection is a great idea because these lockers can come climate-controlled and help to block out the sun. You can rent as much space as you need to keep your collection safe and you can organize your unit however you would like. A storage unit’s benefits for proper vinyl storage are quite great. To help make sure your great-grandchildren are still enjoying your Elvis Presley and Beatles records, take some time to store your vinyl records properly now.