Storage unit for clutter
Use a self storage unit to have a clutter free home

If you are in the market for renting a self-storage unit, it can be a quick easy process.  However, with all the options in storage units these days the choices can quickly become overwhelming.  Before you make any decisions, here are a few tips on keeping that storage unit clutter-free once your belongings are stored.

  1. Take Inventory of Belongings:
    Before you decide on a unit, take inventory of what belongings will go into your storage unit. Units, like a basement, an extra bedroom, or any other part of your house where you keep ‘the extra stuff’, can start to accumulate anything and everything if you don’t have a plan.  If you are not careful, you will soon have a space full of ‘the extra stuff’, and at some point you won’t even know what you have stored in it.  Taking inventory and only storing what is on that list is a great way to save space and pick out the perfect size unit for your needs.


  1. Size Matters:
    Pick the size of storage unit that fits your storing needs.  This may be one of the most efficient planning tips.  After you have made your list of belongings that will go into your unit, look into the different size options that are available to you.  Don’t just decide on a unit just because of the price as it may end up costing you more in the end. Keep in mind if you may need to add to your unit at some point as you don’t want to pick a unit that will be just enough room for your stuff.  You will also want to be able to walk into your unit, and if everything is squeezed in you may be making more work for yourself in the end.


  1. Units with Shelving systems:
    Just as storage units come in an array of sizes, they also come with a heaping of options.  One way to keep things nice and organized in your unit is to pick one that has a shelving unit installed.  Going vertical with storage is a great way to keep your belongings off the floor.  It’s easier  and quicker to find things that are stored at eye level.  Save the floor for larger items like furniture that aren’t able to be stored on a shelf.  Shelves save space and keep things neat.  Well worth the investment.


  1. Store Items in Clear Plastic Bins:
    A great way to keep your things organized and clutter-free is to store your like-minded things in clear plastic bins. Label your bins for an easy find.  Being able to quickly see what is in each bin rather than having to open box after box when you are trying to find something is a time saver!  Over time you will be able to decipher easily if items in each bin need to stay or can go, leaving space for something new to fill its’ spot.