By Laura Gee, Storage and Organization Contributor


Technology is one of the hardest things to organize and keep clean. There are millions of cords falling around all over the place. Each device has a power cord or a charger or a USB cable or something that needs to be plugged in that just wants to get tangled. There are a few things you can do to keep this nightmare under control.


The first thing you need to do is label each charger or cord near the part that plugs into the wall. I suggest taping a small piece of paper with the item name on the end of the cord. For example, using a bright pink piece of paper, you could tape “computer power cord” so you don’t have to tug on the wire to figure out what it is connected to on the other end. Labeling the end of the cord helps you when you are trying to plug things into that outlet. You might be able to unplug your camera charger from the wall, but you’re not going to want to unplug your desktop computer most likely. Also, label all chargers in the same fashion. Put specific labels like “video camera charger” instead of just “camera charger” since many households have more than one form of camera. Labels are a great way to save time and stay organized.


Next, use zip ties to keep cords organized once you have everything in a given area set up like you like it. For example, behind any given television these days you will find between two and ten cords because so many gadgets are needed for a home entertainment area. Once you have everything plugged in and connected making sure you have untangled all of the cords, put two or three close by cords and zip tie them together. Do this for all of the cords back there to keep them becoming a jumbled mess. For longer cords, coil them nicely so the coil can rest on a shelf or on the floor and zip-tie the coil together. Zip ties are great because they can be undone at anytime and won’t leave a sticky residue like tape sometimes can. This process can be done in an office, behind a stereo system or anywhere that has a lot of cords.


There are a million more things to do with your technology, but starting with organizing that endless string of cords and wires is a great first step. Labels will keep you from playing the guessing game with chargers. Zip ties will keep cords from becoming intertwined and causing an eye sore.


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