Thanks for checking back for the third step on how to convert self storage leads into rentals.  Last week we talked about the second step to converting these leads into rentals which was understanding your customers’ requirements. 

This week we will focus on being patient. Most customers when renting self storage units are going through some life changing event.  Each customer has a different story.  Whether it’s change in employment, military deployment, or death.   Not every customer is ready to move into a self storage unit today.  The better the relationship you develop with the customer, the better chance of you getting their business.  The little things will go a long way.  For example, when they mention a change in employment, make sure you congratulate them.  If they are leaving on military deployment, thank them for serving our country. If they are dealing with a recently deceased then offer your condolences.

When a customer calls and wants a quote on a self storage unit, just remember some calls may just need to be longer than others.  It may turn out they tell you their whole life story.  The more trust the customer gains in you, the better chance of gaining a rental.

Staying patient and listening to each customer’s story will increase your chances of generating rentals.  Make sure you check back next week for the fourth step in our series on Keys to Converting Leads to Rentals – Don’t just “quote and hope”.