Thanks for checking back for the fifth step on how to convert self storage leads into rentals.  Last week we talked about the fourth step to converting these leads into rentals which was ask for the business, don’t just “quote and hope”. 

This week we will focus on securing the deal.  Getting a commitment to “come in and take a look” isn’t very strong.  Odds are they will continue to shop around and your competition may ask for their business.  Ask for a deposit, double the odds of a rental.  According to our reservation center, 75-80% of callers will reserve a self storage unit with a credit card on the first call if asked, without a visit to the facility.  90% of those that reserve with a credit card move in.  Only 45% move in if no credit card deposit is given.  As you can see from the numbers above, you could be missing out on a lot of money on a monthly basis.

There are additional advantages of getting a credit card.  When a customer puts a deposit down a self storage unit, they are more likely to move in.  Getting a credit card, you can set the customer up for auto-billing.  Auto-billing will result in fewer delinquencies and better billing procedures.

Make sure you check back next week for the sixth step in our series on Keys to Converting Leads to Rentals- Follow Ups.