Thanks for checking back for the sixth step on how to convert self storage leads into rentals.  Last week we talked about the fifth step to converting these leads into rentals which was securing the deal.

This week we will focus on follow ups.  This step is EXTREMELY important. You need to implement a set of procedures. With our reservation center, 4 contacts are made before a lead is “dead”.  When a lead first comes in, we contact that customer and try to sell them a storage unit.  If the customer is still shopping, we send them an email with a quote.  The following day we do the same thing; call the customer to see if they are still looking for storage.    If they do not answer, we send them another email with a quote. According to our reservation center, 25% of reservations come from the follow up procedures.  As you can see you could be missing out on a lot of revenue.

Make sure to keep a database.  Many customers that contact your facility are not looking for storage that day.  We call these “future interest” leads.  Many “future interest” leads are never called back on, but can lead to large amounts of business.  Keep detailed notes of conversations, dates on contact, special needs, etc.  By keeping these notes, you will have an idea of what the customers needs and wants are when you call these “future interest” leads.

Make sure you check back next week for the seventh and final step in our series on Keys to Converting Leads to Rentals- Motivation and Morale.