Laundry Room Storage
Laundry Room Storage

No matter how big your laundry room is, it never feels like there is enough space.  Whether you are upsizing and about to acquire a larger laundry room, downsizing to a smaller closet type laundry room, here are some laundry room storage tips to help keep things neat and tidy, and not feeling like it’s overflowing into the hallway or other rooms of the house.


The first step in saving space in a laundry room is to make a list of everything that will be going into the room.  Don’t forget about the dirty clothes, and maybe a space to hang items to dry.  Make sure to include everything you can think of so when you start to map out the design of the room, you can include all those items in your plan as to where to put them.


Once you have your list of everything that will go in the room, the second tip is to draw out on paper what your plan for the laundry room will be.  Write down the measurements of the room, wall and floor space.  Draw in where your washer and dryer will go, along with those measurements as well. From here you can draw in where other items will be placed.  Make sure to be as thorough as possible.  It is better to be over prepared and have extra storage space rather than leaving out items and then being left to try and find space in for them.


Another space saving tip is to go vertical with your laundry room storage.  For example, the floor isn’t the only place to put items.  Just as you may have cabinetry above your washer and dryer, the same goes for the rest of the room.  Hang your ironing board and iron behind the door if that is an option.  Place floating shelves on the walls to store detergent, fabric softener, and other items you may not have a place for.   Some washer and dryers come with the option to add a bottom drawer for additional laundry room storage.  This can be a huge space savor and could be used to store unmatched socks and other miscellaneous items, or even shoes.


The last tip to keeping an organized laundry room is to find hampers or baskets that the family can use to keep their dirty clothes together with coordinating or like items or colors.  Stay on top of the laundry so it doesn’t begin to pile up.


As you map out your plan to organize and store everything in your laundry room before moving in, you may want to store your stuff in a short-term storage unit while you make your plan of attack.  There are many options in storage units and you are sure to find one that fits all your short-term storage needs.