Boat storage
Use storage to make boat life enjoyable

Living on a boat isn’t only for the rich and famous. After living on the coast, it amazes me how many people I meet who give a marina as their address! Yes, some people live on luxurious, ultra-fabulous yachts, but the vast majority of the folks I know have a cute, little craft that serves as both their home and a fun-filled means of transportation. This exciting lifestyle is all made possible because they have one thing in common: keeping the bulk of their things in a self storage unit.


By only keeping what is needed for the next week or two on board, my buddies are able to live a life that many only dream about. Sure, their options for attire are limited unless they want to drive to their storage unit, but they get to sail or motor to various cities up and down the coast if they get a wild hare to try something different for dinner. After doing laundry at a local facility, my buddies say that they go to their unit to swap out their clothes. Having this little inconvenience is well worth it.


Imagine being able to wake up to the sounds of the ocean every morning and being rocked to sleep every night by the gentle water. People of all ages that I know get to do just that. A friend of mine spent his last three years of college calling his boat home. He was able to keep all of his extra school stuff, track gear, seasonal clothing, and purchased-in-bulk food goods in a storage locker down the road that had 24-hour access. This type of flexible, cheap storage helped him out greatly. It’s much easier to have your place be the party destination when your place is a boat.


When it is time to settle down again, you don’t have to sell your beloved sailboat; you can keep it in storage as well. No, you can’t fit it into a storage locker unless you’ve been living on an inflatable raft, but you can find boat storage options for larger, more stable vessels. Go visit different places and ask lots of questions about their storage options and policies. Don’t be shy about making sure you’re getting what you need. After all, if treasure your boat, you’ll want to do right by it!


While we all aren’t Joanna Staton, aka Goldie Hawn’s character from the 1987 film Overboard, with a full staff and a cedar closet with ample shoe racks, we can still spend a great deal of time on a boat or even live on one! Cheap, convenient self storage facilities can help make this fantasy a very real reality for not a whole lot of money. Consider the opportunities for fun and memory making out on a winding river or even out on the open seas. If this sounds like something you might want to mull over more, consider also how easy a self storage unit would make doing all of this.