Making Moving Easier by Being Proactive in Planning

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

When most of us realize that moving is in our inevitable future, we start off going through the excitement/sadness phases of going to a new place but leaving the other one behind. When the reality of the logistics behind a move sets in, panic, dread, and sincere irritation tend to be the next phases of moving emotions. After college, it seems as though all of your stuff multiples tenfold every couple of months making moving a pain. To help you navigate moving and make it easier, there are some things to consider, like letting self storage help you, hiring movers, and evaluating how much free labor you can squeeze out of family and friends.

Your moving day should not come close to looking like this. Gradually putting items into a storage unit that you found on can help reduce how much stuff you transport on the big day. (Everett Collection/

Your moving day should not come close to looking like this. Gradually putting items into a storage unit that you found on can help reduce how much stuff you transport on the big day. (Everett Collection/

If you have enough time before your move, you should consider putting things into a storage unit as you pack them. Putting items into storage helps to empty out your current home so you aren’t living in a stressful land of boxes and it helps to de-clutter your current place which can make it more appealing to buyers. Renting out a convenient self storage unit that is just around the corner helps to take the big moving day and break it down a little so you aren’t moving EVERYTHING YOU OWN all at once. Even if you hire movers, putting all of your worldly possessions into one truck can be overwhelming. Using self storage space takes some of the stress off of the packing and unpacking processes as well as the moving day itself.

Hiring movers can be some of the best money you ever spend. Letting professionals–that you have verified are licensed professionals–tackle a big, heavy pieces of furniture as well as box after box of stuff can save you a lot of stress both physically and emotionally. Moving companies have trained workers and often have equipment you don’t have that makes moving easier. You can sit back and relax on the big day instead of having to put your energy into hauling stuff. Get several estimates on how much it would cost to hire movers and even packers. If there is a real value in hiring professionals for you, you can tell yourself that the cost is an investment in your happiness/sanity.

Lastly, consider how much free labor that you, your family, and your friends can put forth. Even if you hire professionals to move you, there are some things they won’t/can’t move and things you might not want them moving. You need to make arrangements to accommodate your stuff compared to your work load. Part of this free labor concept needs to be what sort of equipment you’re working with. Do you have access to a truck? Do you have a hand truck? Do you have people who can help you lift heavy items on and off of that hand truck? There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to figure out which parts of a move can be do-it-yourself gigs.

You don’t want your next move to look like the one you see in the picture. Anything resembling a modern-day version of that is not safe, stressful, and makes a terrible first impression on your new neighbors. When tackling the logistics of a move, consider all of your options. See if using a self storage or mobile storage unit might help you. Considering hiring professional movers and packers to take a lot of the work load off of you. Find out what resources you can tap into for free and what favors you can call in to help make moving easier.

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  1. Packing requires hard work and a common sense. I have packed multiple times and recommend cardboard boxes from KSS if you live in Aus.

    Thanks for the article. Great read.


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