By  Jenn Young, Guest Blogger

Jenn Young is freelance writer working with Uncle Bob’s, a self storage facility. When not writing about storage units, Jenn can be found beautifying her home with organization projects.

Nobody in their right mind likes to move. Whether it is across the country or across town, the stress that goes with moving is palpable. Even now, I get the shakes when I think about having to move to a new apartment or maneuvering my box spring down a narrow flight of stairs (why did I think I wanted a queen sized mattress?!). Renting a storage unit can help you save some of your fleeing sanity during the move, and might even save you some time and money as well.

Dealing With a Quick Turn-Around
For a multitude of reasons, your home can be sold before you’re ready to move out. This leaves families between a rock and a hard place as they struggle to find a place to live, and a place to keep their property while they look. While it might be easy to crash on a relative’s couch for a few weeks, storing your furniture at their place is different matter. A storage unit can help you keep your property safe and sound until you find a place of permanent residence.

Long Moves
No matter which way you swing it, moving long distances is tough. Do you haul your stuff along with you, or try to sell your furniture and buy new stuff for your home? Either way, it’s an uphill battle. Storage units can hold your property while you move and get settled at the new place, and you can decide if it is worth the effort to haul your old couch 1800 miles with a clearer head.

Where Did It All Come From?!
Is what you’ll be saying to yourself while you try to pack up your possessions. Getting everything packed is only a quarter of the battle because you’ll have to move it, store it, and unpack it as well. While you’re packing, put all of the extras you won’t need right away to the side and move them into a storage unit. Many storage unit facilities even offer moving boxes to buy or rent along with other moving supplies. Taking everything you own to your new place will just overwhelm you (unless you’re fortunate and upsizing) and you’ll be stumbling over boxes for months. Get your furniture and bigger items in order first, and then fill in the gaps with the items you’ve stored in a unit.

In a survey done by Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, it was found that the top three reasons for renting a storage unit include moving to new home or apartment, and downsizing a primary home. The luxury of a two car garage where Aunt Gertrude’s prized teddy bear collection used to reside is a thing of the past. Instead of filling up the house with unbearable items, store the odds and ends in a storage unit until you know what to do with them.

Before the Move
Before the big day arrives, you will most likely have time to get things packed up and organized to make things go easier. To speed up the process even more, move all of the clutter and unneeded items to a storage unit to free up space in the moving truck for the larger or more important pieces.

Not only does using a storage unit save you time, energy, and stress, but they are easy on the wallet too. Save yourself from collapsing onto a broken box spring due to exhaustion and rent a storage unit for your next move.

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