Smartphones are growing in popularity everyday. Make sure your company evolves with technology.

Smartphones are growing in popularity everyday. Make sure your company evolves with technology.

By Ryan McDonald, Writer

Over the past decade we have seen a significant change in the way self-storage facilities are marketing themselves. They are taking advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. While these are all great tools for businesses, there is another aspect of technology many are forgetting (or ignoring)–smartphones.

The number of smartphones being used around the world is expected to grow to 1 billion by 2016, with about 350 million of those being used for work according to study by Forrester Research. You may ask yourself how can your business take advantage of this? And the correct answer is, if you haven’t already figured it out, be “mobile friendly”.

Be Mobile Friendly

Being “mobile friendly” basically means to make your facility’s services easily accessibly on a customer’s smartphone. You will have some customers that will not care about this, but as you read before, smartphones are not going away. So get an early start on it and appease those customers who do care.

One of the first ways to start your “mobile friendly” business goal is to make sure your facility’s’ website is compatible with mobile devices. This may seem like a impossible task for many operators, but websites like make it much simpler. They provide a mobile platform that is compatible to Apple iOS, Google Android and Blackberry Mobile OS, plus many other mobile devices.

QR Codes

There are some facility operators that have taken initiative in trying some other creative mobile marketing techniques. They print quick-response codes onto signs around the facility. A customer can scan the QR with the built-in camera on their smartphone which takes them to a website to pay for spaces. It provides the tenants flexibility to pay rather than worrying if they will make it in time before the facility is closed.

Create an App 

“Is there an app for that?” seems to be the re-occurring question in today’s world. Some facilities have started implementing apps for their business. It can be a challenging task compared to just a mobile website and the cost of mobile apps can be fairly expensive. If you have the capabilities, by all means go for it! This would put you and your business in a great position.

Yes, smartphones users are increasing rapidly, but that doesn’t mean all of your customers have them or want to conduct business via  smartphone. Your biggest concern is your customers’ needs and you need to be sure this will appeal to your potential customers and current clientele. Communicate casually with your customers about the idea of moving towards more mobile technology and use their responses as a guide.

Mobile technology can be overwhelming, but the more you get comfortable with it you will see its advantages and hopefully watch your company prosper as you try some things out.