When you start thinking about self storage marketing, make a plan that you can follow that targets your audience.

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com

Self storage customers generally aren’t passive customers who happen to stumble upon a new self storage facility during their daily routine and decide that renting one would be nice like they might do for some other product. Average storage customers actively seek out a storage unit for a specific reason and they aren’t wanting to spend a lot of time researching and analyzing facilities to find the best one for them. That’s why you need to be active as well with your self storage marketing efforts. Your marketing efforts, whether they be in print ads, online ads, social media, radio…anything,  need to be sharing information that these active customers are seeking.

When you start thinking about self storage marketing, make a plan that you can follow that targets your audience. (Shutterstock.com/Dusit)

First you need to cover your basics. In any effort you make to spread the word about your self storage facility, you need to make sure that your company’s name and location are prominent; and if your facility’s name doesn’t directly indicate you’re a self storage company, add that as well. If possible, contact information should be shared often as well. Unfortunately, most self storage companies don’t have the quick brand recognition like a lot of other products so it is more difficult to get away with some of the trendy, more fun forms of advertising. There is so much needed information for any advertisement that design often has to suffer at the hands of necessity. Go through all of your accounts and ads today to make sure that when people see something you’ve posted, they can easily associate where you self storage facility is within the community.

Next, you need to be as many places as you can responsibly manage. Basically, you should be putting your company’s name out there as much as you can afford to without flooding the market and without putting out efforts that don’t meet your company’s standards. If you’re going to have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Vine, and InstaGram, do them well. If you’re going to put ads in local newspapers, hang fliers, and sponsor community events, do them well. If you’re going to have a person standing on the street waving a sign to draw attention to your facility, make sure that the street sign person is not driving away customers with their actions when they should be pulling them in. More and more people have more and more avenues to be contacted with and reached these days. See how many forms of contact you can create and pull off well to help spread the word about your facility.

Self storage marketing can be challenging but it is important so you can reach that person out there looking for storage who wants that information quickly and easily. Even with the boom in popularity of self storage in recent years, trying to find fun and innovative ways to market self storage still isn’t a simple task, but it is important to do it. Spread the word about your facility in a clear cut, responsible way so that researching customer finds your facility first no matter how they choose to go about researching.