Downtown Apartment Storage
Downtown Apartment Storage

How to use self storage downtown


It’s no secret that for years the current generation is leaving the suburbs and heading downtown. Millennials enjoy the proximity to local attractions, the night scenes, and their place of employment, so much so that more major companies are moving downtown as well.


While downtown living can be a fantastic way to keep work and play close, it does come at the cost of living space. And while the cost of rent has gone downward the past couple of years, January of 2018 showed a slight uptick in apartment rentals. So how can you enjoy living downtown and enjoy the space you live in? Simple: downtown self storage.


A nearby downtown storage facility can provide you the space you need to store your seasonal items, additional furniture or appliances, and other items you may not need around constantly. And while getting a two-bedroom apartment can cost anywhere between an extra $100-$500 a month, a downtown storage unit is a significant saving for the extra room in your home.


How to find the right downtown storage facility


As with any self storage scenario, the key to finding the right storage unit downtown is accessing your self storage need. Start with size, for example. Do you simply need a place to keep your seasonal clothing or maybe a spare desk? Go with a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit. These units are roughly the size of a spare closet, and are perfect for these smaller storage needs. However, let’s say you’re storing your car to cut down on the cost of parking. In this case, you’ll want a 10×10 or larger storage unit downtown.


Other considerations include:


  • Will I need this quickly? For those storing personal items such as files or sporting equipment, which you may need to get to quickly, then find a downtown storage facility with features such as 24-hour access. This way, you can get to your belongings whenever you need them—especially outside of traditional business hours.
  • Are my items valuable? If you’re storing belongings that have high personal or financial value, definitely consider a downtown storage facility with strong security features. Such features include electronic gate access that requires a keycode to enter, video surveillance of the storage units, and even onsite management to offer an immediate response to any threat.
  • Are my belongings sensitive to the elements? When storing in places like New York City or Chicago, which experience the extremes of all the seasons, take note of what your storing and how temperature and humidity changes can impact them. Electronics can fry in high heat, and wood can warp between hot and cold waves. For such sensitive items, find a climate controlled storage unit downtown to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level for your belongings.



Begin using self storage downtown today

Once you’ve looked through what you’re storing and what you may need to store it properly, you can begin your search for the perfect downtown storage facility today. Simply use our vast online directories and powerful search tools to narrow down your results to your specific needs. Then, once you’ve found the best pick, you can reserve your downtown storage unit directly online!


Thanks for using for all your downtown self storage needs.

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